Resolutions for Growing Longer Stronger Hair in 2018

We’re going to go over some New Year’s resolutions you can have for your hair you can do one of these you can do all of them but no one’s going to help you to have healthier hair this year which could help you have longer hair by the end of the year so let’s go to help you have better hair in 2018 number one Essentially you need to feed your hair your body needs vitamins and protein and fat to create great healthy hair and if you’re not in taking those in the first place there’s no way that it can draw Great place to start your obviously in so many ways but will definitely help the health of your hair.
If you want to take it one step further a multivitamin everyday is going to help your hair Vitamins to help your hair grow healthier and stronger one that I’ve used with some very good results has been Hairfinity and then another one which I’m actually planning to try as soon as I finish up my current stock price Critical testing and have proved through controlled studies that it does actually the right that the hair grows.

The amount of hairs and so that’s actually really cool a lot of places playing that but I like that these people actually went through the extra effort to back it up so that’s the next when I’m going to try when it comes to hair vitamins I just recommend that you do for me Away from this is that healthy habits with your body as healthy amount of vitamins lots of water that’s what’s going to create strong healthy hair from the inside out so if you want you can make for the inside as well as the outside number to care for your scalp The garden from which your hair grows.

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So if you want your hair to grow healthy you also want to take care of the skin on your scalp there’s a couple ways you can do that first thing that I would recommend to everybody is that every type of your scalp while you’re At your fingers in there it doesn’t have to take like 5 minutes it doesn’t even have to take a full minute Grow and nothing’s getting blocked or slow down because of build up so that’s just a quick trip.

If you’re dealing with scalp problems like it’s overly dry or itchy or overly oily there are Scalp Revival charcoal and tea tree scalp treatment which has saved my hair at this winter I get really itchy scalp every single winter and I tried a couple things that have worked and I talked about one of them in a sec but this has been the absolute best so if you use products on your scalp And it’s been a lifesaver for me in a little bit goes a very long way Comenity L’Oreal extraordinary clay clay mask pre shampoo treatment.

It’s literally like a mud run Font follicles or anything absorb oil and make yourself a little bit healthier so if you deal with a very oily scalp this can be a nice cleansing treatment henna like you would do for your face Had taht Willy situation another thing you can do for a dry scalp that I really recommend is before you go through your shampoo and conditioner through your scalp and just let it sit for a minute or two while you like wash your body shave whatever and then go through your shampoo and conditioning treatment so just in general See bit happier and therefore grow help your hair number 3B just let hair is going to break significantly more easily than your Tricare.

Well so if you’re trying to grow longer stronger healthy hair it’s not a great idea to brush it when it’s wet because you’re breaking it off before it ever has a chance to get lost Would be first you can go before you shower cuz your hair is dry and then you’re going to go through the shower process and then when your hair is wet it’s going to have lunch Mentor detangler help everything to tangle more easily and use a detailing.

It will really help your hair to tangle much more easily it’s much less painful and your hair is going to have a better chance of growing longer We have a post coming out when I talk But just to kind of touch on it to glance over the top of this your hair it needs to have moisture in it or else it becomes dry and therefore frizzy So to keep your hair more elastic to keep it more soft just try To do that are through leave-in conditioners one of my favorites is restore perfecting spray Have I talked about this at like a bazillion thing because it’s that good I use it all the time it’s great for detangling it’s great for nourishing your hair.

It’s just enough and not too much which is all I ever ask for And a half to two weeks it doesn’t take that much out instead of your conditioner let it sit for a couple minutes in the shower and then wash it out it’s row Restore mask Is the olaplex number three you can either buy this on their website or end salons it is so good and if your hair isn’t that kind of like fried really damaged States.

So two semis moisturize moisturize moisturize moisturize and resolution number 5 this one has nothing to do with you it’s just my philosophy on hair and general result to wear your hair this year already Have fun with that make it be one thing that makes you smile a little bit more every day whether that’s just through taking care of it and you look at it and it’s super healthy and nice looking or styling it was to make you happy and excited but if nothing else I want you guys to take pride in who you are and the way you express yourself and I hope my blog helps you to do that and I think wear your hair like a crown is a great resolution.

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