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This our updo for this week and I’ll still really inspired by retro-style I just been loving it and this one I finished it and I kind of felt like it looks like a retro Barbie kind of something or others. So I really like it I think it’s really fun and feminine and a little bit different way to kind of mix up your hairstyles for spring. So I hope you guys like this I’ll see you next post ha I alright the first thing you’re gonna do is make a really deep side part and then you’re going to create a triangular section going from the apex of your head down to the temple and you’re just gonna see here that out of the way we’re not going to work with that quite yet but This a section we’re going to use to make our little swoopy curly thing in the front. So just go ahead and see here that out of the way and then we’re gonna comb the rest of our hair into a low side ponytail basically I’ll using a comb and a lot of hairspray to do this to make sure that it’s really smooth and slicked back you don’t have to do it as slick as.

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I did if you don’t want to This just what I lights for this look you also don’t have to do this with straight hair I think this would look really cool on curly hair but obviously I have street here. So I went for it and then just secure it with a band and get a little hairspray I mean a little bit you know helps all the time and then you’re going to go ahead and move on to the front section we’re gonna curl these pieces of hair toward our face I did this in two sections because I don’t really have a lot of hair but if you have more hair you can do it in more than two sections once I curled it I just twisted it back up and pinned it in place. So that it would cool curls. So that the curl will hold just a little bit better and then I curled my second section and once that one was done I kept that one nice and curled and pin that in place. So that it would cool curled again then I went ahead and let the front section down and what you’re gonna do is kind of arrange your hand diagonally. So that it’s going from your head back to your ear and let the curl kind of fall a little bit diagonally because you’re gonna want it to make that kind of diagonal swoop and that’s gonna help you not end up with bunch eNOS behind your ears if you want you can pin or clamp this little front arch there.

So that it stays. So you can get an even deeper swoop if you want it then you’re gonna let that back part down and comb all of that hair together because you want this curl to all be very cohesive event together then pull the curl back over your ear as you want it to be and just cone the back down because if you’ll see it kind of poof’s out a little bit. So you just want to comb it down. So This all one kind of even panel and you just put it into place behind the ear and then again on top of the ponytail they let the clip or the clamp down if you want now we’re going to make a sock bun you basically take the end of a tube sock or the middle of a sock that you cut up put it on the end of your hair and then I went ahead and took sections of the end of my hair and wrap them around and tucked it back into the sock. So that I created all these little pieces that were already started and I just made it easier then you’re gonna roll the sock like. So and as you do it your hair is actually incorporated into it and it creates a bun I don’t know if you guys have seen these yet they’ve been all over pinterest and just the Internet in general.

So I’ll assuming most of you guys have seen these tutorials if not leave it in the comments I’d be glad to do a tutorial on it but basically all you’re going to do is just roll this up it’s really simple if you have any flyaways just tuck them back into the opening of the little sock and they’ll get kind of swept up and into the bun it was I mean it took me a little bit of practice but once I got it down it was pretty easy just make sure that you practice it cuz at first I ended up with a hot mess um and after a little bit of practice it wasn’t as bad but you just roll it up and you take your time and then once you’ve got it all rolled up just pin that looped hair against your head. So that it’s in place and it’ll hold just fine and then you can add a little bit of adornment if you wanted our kind of want I kind of liked how it looked with the little flower but that’s it I hope you guys like it see my next post a quick note when I got this on to my computer I realized that I kind of filmed it backwards um when I film that I did the bumpers and this little thing second and I think it should be done with this little thing first and this thing second. So you’ll see when I film it like at the end I’ll doing the bun and this hasn’t been done yet and it looks confusing don’t confuse just follow the steps that I give you in this tutorial you’ll be just fine but that’s why it looks a little bit weird because I edited it one way and I felt it another way. So don’t get confused just follow the way that I tell you to do it you’ll be just fine okay that’s it.

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