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The last of my ponytail tutorials and this one is kind of a retro madman ish tutorial that I instagrammed and a lot of people ask for tutorial on. So I thought I would finish off with that I’ll going to give you guys as much detail as I can. So that you are literally experts in this hairstyle first of all you want to start off with a side part unless you have bangs in which case your sleeve your bangs there then take four fingers and put that right against your hairline and everything from your four fingers back just brush straight back that’s going to create the illusion of more volume. So if you’re really against teasing add some volumizing powder into that hair and brush it back and that will get you at least a little bit of volume there then take the end of that part line and go straight down and then take that section and clip it out of the way and then do the exact same thing on the other side go from the end of your part straight down and secure that out of the way and now we’re moving on to step two which I think is probably the most involved one we’re going to work on that very retro bump.

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So you really want a teasing comb for this it helps a whole lot and you want to start off right at the front of that section that we brushed straight back separate a small bit that’s about an inch and then take it and actually hold it a little bit forward. So it looks almost like a unicorn horn and then start teasing backward once you have that teased sufficiently go ahead and take another inch section back entities you want to kind of make a rocking motion with the teasing comb I’ll kind of like you see right here it’s almost like you’re sweeping the hair back toward the base.

So kind of take it and sweep the hair back toward the head and then keep going until you have a sufficient amount of hair tease then flip it back and use the very ends of your brush just those little tiny bits at the end to gently smooth this down you don’t want to accidentally brush your teasing out you just want enough to make it look nice and smooth from the top then you’re going to go ahead and take the rest of the hair this one cheese and pull it together push it up a little bit for extra volume and then pin that in place the rule of thumb here is to go a little bit bigger than you think you want because when you put the ponytail in is going to pull some of the volume out now if it looks uneven to you or if it’s not high enough for you use the end of your comb or brush to go ahead and just pull it up a little bit wherever it needs some extra shape or some extra volume and now we’re moving on to step three and literally everything in this step is completely optional but what we’re going to do is to secure the ponytail is to take a bobby pin and work it through a little hair elastic and then do the same thing with a second bobby pin.

So that we create a little hair bungee this helps to not disrupt all the teasing that we did now you’re going to pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail and use either your hand or a comb to smooth your hair back once you have your hair gathered together stick one bobby pin through and then go ahead and wrap the elastic around until it’s held really nice and tightly there and you’ve got all the hair and compass and then you’re basically just going to stick the bobby pin back down underneath the elastic and if you can crisscross it with the previous bobby pin to hold it in place now that’s too complicated just use an elastic like you normally would then remove the bobby pins that we used to hold the bump up and use your favorite method for wrapping hair around the base of the ponytail if you need a tutorial on that I have one and if you want to make your ponytail look even bigger you can add little clippies to do that although that does take away a little bit from the fret Ronis of the hairstyle to finish off we’re going to curl the ponytail now you want to take that top piece of the ponytail and curl it straight down that one makes it a little bit more perking at the top and it creates a nice shape everything else just curl in one Direction’s little will all intertwine together in a very retro manner and once you have that done the hairstyle is completely done now it’s really easy to be overwhelmed by this hairstyle but just remember that it is just four simple steps and you can simplify them as much as you need what I wanted to do is to give you as much information as I possibly could. So that you could get as detailed as you wanted with it now This the final look and I hope you guys really liked it make sure to check out my previous ponytail tutorial as well and please show me pictures if you try this out on any of my social media I love seeing the pictures that are the hair cell you guys create see my next post Bye.

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