Reverse Dutch French Braid Hairstyles

OK. Today, I am going to demo I had somebody request a post showing how to do the inside out French braid across the forehead. And the style we’re calling is the Lauren Conrad look, where the braid comes across the forehead, but she wanted it inside out. So you can see that I’ve parted her hair on the side. I’m just going to pick up some hair right here. And just start like you would any normal braid, which is divide it into three pieces. OK. Now I’m going to show you how to do a regular just to start regular French braid first, so you can see the difference. This is the middle piece right here. I call this piece B so if you went A, B, C.

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When you’re doing a French braid, you cross A over B and then you cross C over B, OK? So the whole time, that piece B goes underneath all the hairs. When you’re doing an outie French braid, the only difference is that the middle piece needs to go over the outside hairs. So if you divide your hair again into three pieces, you have piece A, B, and C. The middle one will always be B. So instead, you’re going to take that over the hair. So that went over piece A. And now this is piece B. You’re going to take that over piece C. Now, when you pick up and add in hair, just remember that the middle piece is going to go over the top, always over the top. And then it’s just like a normal French braid, where you’re just going to add in hair, but you’re always taking that middle piece over the top of your hair instead of under. And as you can see, what it does is the hair start popping out instead of hiding down underneath. So again, middle piece over the top of the hair. Pick up hair.

Add it in. And it goes over the top. And you can see what it does pops the braid out. The only difference is the way that you shift that middle piece. And now you can just continue braiding. And if you want more of a tween look, just think looser braids. Tween is all very soft and loose. So if this is too tight, go back and loosen it up a little bit. And it gives it more of a little bit more sophisticated, soft look. When you get over here, you can just keep continuing to braid until you’re at the point where you want to stop, and then tuck it down into your hair. And then, of course, you just twist it back. And again, you can loosen it if you want more of a little bit more grown up look. Just pull those braids a little bit looser. And then pin it.

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