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Hey girls Abbey here this week we’re doing hair styles that are inspired by Vanessa from Gossip Girl and I decided to do one on her big blue madness waves that she always has they’re very bohemian and beachy at the same time and I just really love them now This similar to what I did in Serena’s bombshell waves tutorial. So I decided to kind of extend it and do it as a review and demonstration of this little guy because a lot of you guys asked about it if you don’t want to watch the little review and you just want to see how I did this I’ll link the RL but the time that you can push to skip in the description box and you can just click on that button and totally miss all the talking.

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I’ll getting ready to do okay. So curling iron is called conyers you wrap and wave it retails for around twenty-five to thirty dollars depending on where you live you can get them online or in a drugstore or a discount store around you it is a little double pronged curling iron you can open and close it like this and it comes with a little glove like this it has ceramic plates for heat settings they start at degrees and go all the way up to degrees you have your little power button where you can turn it on This it’s on and then you have your plus and minus buttons. So you can move it up or move it down depending on how hot you want it to be it heats up very quickly and it really does go all the way up to to degrees it gets very hot which is why you need the little glove I mean it is further hot um and then you have your different settings you also have you have your clip. So that you couldn’t open it and then you actually can push up on this little clip and it locks into place. So you can have it open which allows you to create four different kinds of waves which is phenomenal you can do a lot of hairstyles with just this little guy which is one of the reasons why I was really impressed by it another reason why I was impressed by it is because it did this my hair is hard to curl I have had the worst luck ever with drugstore curling irons like people will ask me all the time in the comments and on my formspring and Twitter and Facebook about what.

I think about drugstore curling irons I never have good things to say um but this one is really surprised me. So I want it that’s one of the reasons why I’ll doing the review. So tell you about the waves in and makes I’ll actually going to show in the demonstration the ways that it makes going to talk about him first just. So you can see. So first you can do you can wrap your hair and a figure eight around the two barrels like this and then let it close that creates a really tight little wave like little tiny kinky wave or you can pull it open like this and wrap the hair and figure eight around it and that’s going to create a way that gets bigger as you go along which is going to be more natural-looking it’s going to look like you’ve kind of gotten a tight way that’s falling out a little bit. So it’s going to look more natural more wearable honestly and. So you have that option where you can do it like that additionally you can wrap your hair around the whole thing when it’s closed and it creates kind of an oval wave and I find This fantastic if you want to create like a ‘s soft way you’ve to look I get a lot of requests for that kind of thing it’s like the old Hollywood romantic waves This a really good way to get that and I hadn’t really found a product that I loved forgetting that yet. So This a good one and additionally you can open it and wrap it around with it open like this and you get kind of the same effect as a tapered curling iron where you have tight curls on the top and then it falls loser. So you get a really beachy wave look. So you have. So many different things you can get you.

I don’t have too many negatives about this iron I really do like it the only thing that really I’ll just kind of like E is that it kind of is um designed like a drugstore product and I I just really gotten attached to my Hot Tools irons in the way that they look and how nice as they look and. So it’s just very plasticky and you can tell it’s a drugstore product at the end of the day it’s not going to kill me I really don’t care that much I just care about what the hair looks like when it’s done I I would like it if it had a little bit different package but it does what it’s supposed to do. So that’s not really a very dramatic critique I just wanted to throw that in there on the heat settings I really do like them I honestly could go lower I don’t usually put on my heat that high on anything because my hair is pretty fragile. So it would be nice if it didn’t have to go like degrees is the minimum. So it’d be nice if it was like a little bit less but me yes I can I can deal with it and I honestly think because it’s as hot as it is it does it helps my hair to curl better. So there’s only two things that would be like me about um and then the other thing that I’ll just not a huge fan of is this little Phantom of the Opera glove hear me show you I I think that it is absolutely necessary to wear a glove with this especially if you’re going to be doing the little figure-eight between the two things aren’t here because it’s really easy to get your hand caught against it and burn and I did that to myself and I hurt pretty badly. So I started wearing this and I was immediately just like why is like like.

I just I don’t know um it’s like my poor little fingers overhear the ugly stepchildren and they don’t get a glove and I I really wish it was a full club I just I’ll not gonna be all dramatic and weird about it I just wish it was a fall glove because when I try to do a figure eight here and I’ll trying to hold my hair it’s really hard to keep these two fingers out of the way because they have absolutely no protection also this could only go on your left hand. So if I want to hold the hair with my right hand I’ll out of luck um because I had like little extra padding right here to keep it from Guinea on the iron. So glove is absolutely necessary I wish it was a home love like the whole hand but you know take what you get it came with the thing. So it’s usable it is good but if you want to and if you know you’re going to use this a lot it’s good to go ahead and get a glove currently this one this came with my clipless iron um that I already had and it you know it’s a whole hand glove it even goes on here us and it kind of protects everything you can get them on ebay or at Sally’s Beauty Supply um. So that would be the only things that I have to say I just don’t understand why it’s a little half glove some of you guys might not have a problem with it I I just because I’ll a klutz it just was not working out for me um. So I really like this and especially because you can combine different styles. So you can do like what I do is I did really tight on the bottom and then I did loose on the top. So it doesn’t look too much and but it’s. So very voluminous and leaved and. So that’s what I love the most about This that there’s. So many things you can do and it really does work well. So and only only negatives that I have is that I wish the heat settings went a little bit lower for my hair um packaging not my fav but I can deal with it and I would have made this a full of just my preference but at the end of the day it’s a really good product as well worth the money and it’s honestly it’s a good inexpensive option especially and I think This. So much okay This. So much better than the little thing where it’s like you got the the two prongs and then the clip then it goes like that because the only thing you can do with that is to make little S waves all you can do is do like that you don’t have all the different options that you do with this I mean This absolutely the perp like.

I’ve taken forever to get a waiver you have no idea um just because I was always like I just hate the idea but I don’t like having those perfect little ways that can create something like that with a curling iron but This something that’s completely unique that I can’t do all the things that I do with this was a normal iron. So I really like it and I think I’ve rambled and gushed enough about it I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I’ll going to go ahead and roll the demonstration of bold this iron and how I got this hairstyle yeah alright see my next post mom ok the first thing you’re going to do is separate your hair in half from the ears up and then you’re just going to secure that top half out of the way make sure you put on your protective glove and then the first method is to wrap your hair and a figure eight around both prongs of the curling iron and they’ll allow it to close and you can hold it for five or ten seconds and then you get this kind of tight s waved look from that and then the second method is to lock it open. So that you have kind of a tapered effect and figure your hair through that while the iron is locked open you hold it for five or ten seconds on the curling iron depending on how easily your hair curls and you get a little bit more of a natural looking wave.

So here’s kind of the first one where it’s a little bit tighter you can see that it’s a little bit more force of a wave if you will and then the other one was a little bit looser. So what you’re going to do for that first layer is you’re going to alternate between those two methods. So that you have the really tight curls on the bottom and those Tim to make a little bit more volume. So you’re going to get a little out of your volume by doing it like that third method is to wrap your hair around the barrel while it’s closed and you can see the way that you get from that it’s a really interesting shape that you can’t get with anything else the second or I’ll sorry the fourth one is to lock the iron open wrap it around and then you get kind of tapered really beachy looking waves. So there’s the first one again that really structured kind of look and then that last one is obviously very beachy and natural-looking. So what you’re going to do for that last section of hair is just to alternate between methods three and four as you see fit to get the look that you want and then you should check it out when you’re done just to make it look a little bit more bohemian a little bit more hippie and that’s pretty much gonna be.

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