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The first thing I like to do my reviews is talk about what the company actually says the product does because that way we can evaluate whether it’s actually working effectively or now the first thing Rimmel says of this does is to smooth on instantly and seamlessly they say that it lasts up to hours that it creates a natural-looking flush of color and then it feels lightweight and not heavy and today I’ll make it or break that monday we are talking about the Rimmel stay blush liquid blushes they have five colors the first color is called pop of pink it’s kind of a bright coral it’s going to give you the kind of brightest peppiest look of all the blushes I think the second is such a berry which is much more blue toned is going to give you that kind of purply pinky blush. So it goes really well with orchid which is a huge color for this spring then we have peach flush which I don’t know but I’ll assuming it’s peachy and wonderful number four is Sunkist cherry and This much more of kind of a neutral brick ish color This gonna give you that kind of like tanned pink if you will This kind of the thing that.

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I wear when I want to look like I’ve been in the Sun and I got a little bit of a tan but I’ll also pretty rosy at the same time the final one is number five apricot glow this one is kind of a true apricot it’s very close to kind of that neutral orange e family this would go really well basically if you’re trying to go for a very minimal blush look it’s gonna give you some color but because it has very little pink in it’s not gonna make you look too springy or to over apply it’s not gonna make you look like you’re trying really hard in the blush department but it will give you a nice little glow of color I think especially because it has that apricot tone to it’s going to help really enhance the look of a tan that you might have or any bronzer that you use and making you look extra tan for the spring and summer time. So now let’s talk about application how do we get these things onto our face well first of all you’re going to use a little tiny amount I like using my fingers cuz the heat from my fingers actually helps with the blending process and getting this to really seamlessly integrate with my foundation. So that it really looks beautiful and blended and seamless and natural and I do that after I apply it all of my liquid makeup but before I apply my power and when I do that if I’ll going to be applying a face powder that’s kind of pigmented I go a little bit stronger with my blush then I actually want because when you put that base powder over it’s gonna mute the blush down just a little bit if you’re wearing a translucent powder then just go with the actual amount of blush that you want to have and you can powder over this to set up or you can skip it because honestly this dries down really well on its own and it doesn’t really need to be set also you can I don’t necessarily recommend it but you can apply it over powder because there have been a couple times where I really wanted to use these but.

I’ll do I was just in my rut of like okay liquid and powder and then I was like oh dang it my blush. So I decided to try it over top of it and it actually works really well the other thing I wanted to mention for the application of these is that you can mix these colors together and create kind of like a custom blush you can do that with powders as well but it’s. So much fuller to do it with liquids because you can actually like see the color that you’re making let’s talk about whether they actually live up to what the company claims they do because that really is always the question at the end of the day isn’t it first of all the company says that these smooth on instantly and seamlessly I would definitely agree with that these are insanely easy to blend um even if it looks like you might have way too much in one area you really can buff it out until you get it to where you want it’s very easy to work with I would say anybody of any level of makeup artistry can definitely make these work nicely that the company makes is that they are very natural-looking flush and I absolutely agree with that I mean first of all any time that you get a cream blush I think it’s going to look more natural just because of the way that they blend in and the way that they fade into the skin it just looks. So much more nice and natural and blended than a powder blush does I think specifically with this formula the coverage is extremely buildable. So you can put on a little bit and really share it out for just like a hint of color and if some day you want to be just a little bit more daring you can build up the color to be even more intense and you can kind of choose on what scale of application is most natural and most comfortable for you the next claim that rebel makes is that these blasts on your cheeks for hours now I don’t wear my makeup for hours but these do last really well throughout the day I would say.

I put the bun at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day of course there’s always wear and tear on your makeup but these last infinitely better than my powder blushes to you that does depend a lot on how oily your skin is and the foundation that you’re wearing it over because I’ve noticed that if I wear a foundation that doesn’t wear well throughout the day then these are gonna wear off with the foundation because you’re putting them on over the foundation and. So they are kind of like tied to the fate of the foundation if you will. So you have a foundation that slips and slide off of your face these are gonna slip and slide right with it I haven’t tried them on my face as bare skin just to see how it does but I did have swatches on my hand for hours yesterday and they stayed completely on my hand just fine. So I’ll thinking that if you were to do them on bare skin they would last really well I did read a review by Nouveau cheap I think that’s how you say her blog name she has a great drugstore beauty blog by the way that you should totally follow if you are into drugstore makeup but she said that she has extremely oily skin and these held up really well on her skin throughout the day. So I think there is hope the final thing that Revell claims on these is that they are ultra lightweight and I think they are spot-on with that one and that’s actually what makes me love these as much as I do because I love the application of a cream blush I love how it goes on I love how it blends I love how it looks throughout the day cream blushes have my heart however.

I don’t ever wear them and the reason for that is that usually they’re sticky and I do not wear anything on my face that makes my face stickies however they go on kind of like a really great long lasting liquid foundation and that when you put them on their extremely lendable but then they lock down and they really lock down and they are completely dry to the touch. So I mean I feel like you know do this number and I don’t feel anything like it feels like powder um you know it feels like makeup but it doesn’t feel sticky it feels completely dragged down and locked down to my skin. So now I’ll just going to go into my thoughts which you’ve kind of heard already I basically love these my favourite thing is how lightweight they are just the fact that they dry down you don’t have to set them with a powder you can’t feel them on your face you can’t like feel stickiness with your fingers how amazing is that like final though that in itself makes me happy then it’s too eligible. So you can be as creative as you want with it just empowers you to be able to create whatever you want to create. So if you wake up one day and you’re like drastic blush you can use this product and if you wake up one day and you’re like no makeup makeup you can use this blotter thing that I really love is the color selection like oh my goodness I love all of these colors I think there’s a great variety and I think there’s actually a lot of room for growth as well.

I would love to see them come out with like a neon blush collection or a statement blush collection or maybe come out with like bronzers in this line or ooh ooh here we go illuminators in this line I just I just want to see this line go crazy just please Rimmel do that now I don’t necessarily have any negatives but I would like to mention that I don’t think these are actually a liquid blush these are actually closer to a mousse the come out is kind of like a light almost whipped texture than a liquid texture like you would imagine which is good because I think the thickness of that helps them to be a little bit better to blend however there is one oddball in the group and that is touch of vary this has a completely different consistency than the rest of the color it’s not a mousse formula at all when I actually squirted this one out to UM swatch it I was like wa it was this one just like really hot that it melts a little like what’s going on this one is much closer to like a foundation formula and it’s also much more sheer than the rest of these are they would take a little bit more building up to really get a lot of color from it I don’t think it’s a bad thing I think this one still performs really well I just want to note that for you guys that it is much different in viscosity and in coverage than the other ones in the line alright. So that’s it you guys can probably tell I love these these are definitely a make item I really am a huge fan of them I’ll. So glad that rebel came out with them and I think for they’re an amazing bargain I mean they are up there with all the drugstore bargains in my mind if you check them out if you do or if you have already definitely tell me I’d love to hear about it and I will see you guys on Wednesday with my next post I love you very much well bye.

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