Reviewing the New Kristin Ess Hair Collection from Target

What does the scent have lord have mercy I am I such a klutz hey everyone Abbey your friendly neighborhood hair stylists here and today I’ll reviewing the new Kristin s collection for target. So she already came out with a line for Target last year which I extensively reviewed and fell in love with and then she’s recently come out with another collection as like an enhancement to the line and that’s what we’re reviewing today it’s actually got to go to the launch of them for this collection and it was beautiful.

Reviewing the New Kristin Ess Hair Collection from Target Photo Gallery

I would expect nothing else from Kristin but it was gorgeous and goals and aesthetic and all the things and I actually got to meet her and talk to her about the line a little bit and she described the purpose of the line as being like easy like Sunday morning or even easy like Monday morning and almost like a foundation line where it’s a lot of things that you can do really quickly and go it’s meant to really work with your hair and your schedule to make everything beautiful and seamless. So that’s what this collection is meant to add to the line as a whole it will be permanent it’s just an expansion of the line and as such it has the same beautiful minimal packaging that we saw in the first one we have the super helpful descriptions on the back which I very much recommend reading when you’re shopping in store and the fragrance is still there it’s still floral but it is less strong and all of the products I think this time around and there are a couple products that have completely new sense to them and I will point that out as I go. So that being said let’s get into it first things first shampoos and conditioners there are two new shampoos and conditioners in the line first we have the purple shampoo and purple conditioner I’ll gonna keep it short and sweet I love it the purple shampoo is not my resident purple shampoo in my shower which is the biggest compliment I know how to give it you can use the purple conditioner and shampoo together if you have a lot of toning to do on your hair but if your hair is obedient enough I would say pick one or the other personally. So I’ve been using the chef who just cuz that’s how I like to do my toning but the conditioner would be especially good for those of you guys with hombres and because you’re only toning like maybe from here down it’s a little better for your hair and gets the job done there is the extra gentle shampoo and conditioner and that one has a different scent from the rest of the shampoos and conditioners and it is. So good and I don’t even know how to describe it I’ve tried I’ve spent like entire showers just trying to figure out what the notes are I don’t know but it’s amazing and I’ve been using the conditioner on the regular it’s a new favorite of mine and I’ve been pairing it sorry Kristen but with my Herbal Essences micellar water shampoo because I love that shampoo more than like life.

I mean if nothing else I would buy it just to be able to smell it but I also really like the gentle conditioner the shampoo is great too I just I’ll brilliant to that Herbal Essences life. So that’s when the shampoos and conditioners let’s talk about the air dry products first of all we have the air dry cream which is for all hair types its frizz calming shine restoring softening and smoothing and time-saving you’re supposed to apply this on here that’s about halfway dry and then if you want to you can scrunch it in to augment your natural texture or just let your hair air-dry as is. So I air dried this into my hair two different ways the first way was to scrunch it just to see how my hair would look scrunched and then the next one I brushed my hair straight and I did notice that it gave a really pretty amount of separation it gave a really great amount of frizz taming and I really liked the shine because I would say it’s more of like a lustrous glow than a shine. So as far as like an air dry cream high praise love love love love love but also I like to use it as a base for a hairstyle. So I’ll put this into my hair while it’s wet let my hair dry and then I’ll style my hair as I want to. So you could straighten it you could curl it whatever you’re still gonna get the benefits from this. So you’re still gonna get that frizz control is still gonna get the separation it’s still gonna get the shine and that’s what I did today. So I use this on my hair and then I curled it and you can see all of those things in play and. So it just kind of worked as a base as a way to get that like signature Kristin s effortless but polished look it sells for and the fragrance is that floral fragrance from last time but it’s a lot more faint. So if you didn’t fully enjoy the floral fragrance of the last collection it’s not as strong in this one and our next air dry product is these salt air dry spray this one is meant for straight or wavy hair types it gives instant texture volume and a non drying soft matte finish this obviously leaves out curly hair on the product she says that she recommends the beach wave spray for curly hair because that one’s a bit more moisturizing now you apply this on damp hair and scrunch it in and continue to scrunch your hair as it dries to encourage any natural wave you have going on I’ll gonna say this thing really delivers but the coolest thing about it is that you don’t feel it on the hair a normal any kind of sea salt spray is gonna feel like salty chalky waxy gunky but this one it’s fully touchable you can run your fingers through your hair it has not caused any like excess tingling in my hair and I feel like that just observes all the hands up emojis and then on my hair I definitely got the volume definitely got textured definitely got a non-drying matte finish the only thing.

I didn’t like was that just my natural texture some pieces are straight some pieces are wavy. So I decided to curl the wavy pieces just a little bit. So everything matched and once I did that I was fully and loved like it was them just perfect amount of undone effortless but like still a little bit done that I wanted to do I feel like This Serena van der Woodsen hair in a bottle and it’s only ten dollars which is amazing we desperately need to talk about the stylist blow-dry miss because this stuff will change your freakin life This for all hair types it’s ultra lightweight split in smoothing shine enhancing and it cuts drying time. So to test the drying time I timed it normally I wait until my hair is like % and dry and then it takes me almost ten minutes to dry it the rest of the way. So with this one I let my hair dry in a towel for about five minutes and then I started going through it with the dryer and what I noticed as I was drying it was that my hand was gliding through my hair significantly more easily. So it was definitely helping with that detangling it finished drying setup look at my phone it had been five minutes five minutes and then not only that my hair was shiny and movement filled and beautiful I felt like I just gotten the blow out I was. So sure I have expensive products like forty dollar products that are supposed to do what this one does and they don’t do it as well and this one is only seriously.

I think if you’re gonna buy any one product from this line it needs to be this one it will change your life and then let’s talk about the product that has come out of left field for me it is the recovery bomb plus cap it’s gonna come in a little box like this and then when you open the box you get this little deodorant stick looking guy and then the need a baby shower I kept looking guy. So This kind of a treat and tame product you can either use it for like applying as a deep conditioner gets a little tiring you can just kind of like scrape off some and form it in your hands and work it through your hair and then you can let it sit overnight which is what the little cap is for you put it in a bun you put this around the buns protect your pillow you look like an adorable person with a little tiny mini chef’s hat and your hair gets treated. So I did that the next day like I went to the gym with my hair in a bun and came back washed this out and it felt. So good my hair felt amazing and I felt like it was really easy to use it can also be used to kind of tame. So if you need to tame baby hairs it can work for that if you want to tame some ends it can work for that. So I actually do really recommend it is you get a ton of product and the smell again is that floral scent but it’s very much more faint than prior speaking of taming let’s talk about this This the shine pomade plus edge control which is for all hair types it’s very high gloss it’s flexible hold and water base and I was just like I don’t slick my hair a whole lot I don’t like all that looks I don’t have crazy baby hairs like.

I just don’t know how I’ll gonna use this but I found ways first when I actually did today was I put a very thin film of it on my hands and then I used it to calm down the hairs they like to stick up on top of my head and they are still calmed and still like obedient which is very nice not usually the case the next way that I use this was to control my baby here is going to the gym because I have all these little breakage hairs that like to just kind of like fly out as I workout and. So I use this to slick everything back and then I went to a boxing class and I go embarrassingly hard in boxing class hence my knuckles and normally my hair is destroyed afterward but not a hair move and at the same time my hair wasn’t like helmet head it was like shellac had everything was very touchable but it also was very obedient and the final way I’ve been using it is actually through the links of my hair I did that again today I put a thin film of it through my fingers and then I just raked my fingers through. So that you get this little bit of like definition and separation but it also gives you know a little bit of shine a little bit of frizz taming. So it’s great for you know like a more shiny effortless polished kind of curl. So I recommend this to those of you guys who need to control your edges who like to create kind of like a sleek like desi Perkins ponytail on the regular or if you like the kind of like effortless polished curls kind of like.

I have going on today I think any three of those will love this product I also wanted to mention that the scent is a little closer to the egg type gentle shampoo and conditioner scent it’s a little bit more like cucumber II and light. So This one of the few that’s not like that florals thing and now – one of the most unique products in the collection we have the signature hair water and This for all hair types it’s delicately fragrant style reviving moisture restoring and as a superfine mist the most amazing way I’ve seen this use is to refresh curly hair curls like on the second or third day there’s a post on Kristin s’s and segrand that like had me. So amazed like my jaw on the floor and. So if I had curly hair I would be buying this like yesterday because I have straight fine hair I have found other ways to use it um I particularly love it when I wake up because I typically sleep with my hair and a braid and then the ends get kind of bent all funny and I wake up when they’re doing like some kind of modern dance at the end of my hair and. So I’ll just spritz it with a little bit of the signature water and brush it through and everything’s fine like it gets rid of all the weird kinks and whatever else my hair is doing and I appreciate that and then the other way I’ve been using it a lot is for second day like re styling my hair. So if I went overboard with the texturizing spray the first day or if my hair is just a little too dry I’ll spritz this through and it really helps to calm everything down add a nice little bit of shine and luster to the hair and then I can restyle it very easily and continue going on with my day This only ten dollars and it has that same really light floral scent and finally I know y’all are waiting for this This the temporary rose gold tip. So if you imagine your haircolor as a piece of paper imagine just taking a light pink marker and drawing on that piece of paper doesn’t show up and if. So like what color do you think that is that’s probably the color that’s gonna result from this. So if you have brunette too very dark hair you know that marker would make no difference this will probably make no difference whereas if you have lighter hair it will show up and depending on how light your hair is it will show up a more pink or a little less pink. So you apply this in the shower after you have shampooed your hair bring out the water somewhat the less water you have in your hair the more pink you’re gonna get basically the water dilutes the pink. So if you really want the pink to show up.

I would say like fully like towel dry that hair like to get it a little on the drier side than you think you need if you have very light hair or you need to rinse this out again very quickly or or whatever keep a little bit more water in your hair. So the first time I put it on my hair was much much too wet. So I put it on let it sit dried my hair. So excitedly and then I looked at it and I was like where’s the pink but I got back in the shower I made sure to really towel dry it like I got it as dry as I could with it still being kind of damp and then I parted my hair as I normally wear it before I sprayed it on because that was an ex problem I had was that I kind of sprayed wherever the first time and I think it’s good if you can kind of get your hair parted in the right place cuz that way you can really get those places that are the most visible because here’s the funny thing about it you can’t mush this color around it’s like wherever the spray sticks the spray sticks and that’s it I would say if you want like a full all-over application part your hair spray it all over the top pieces take your hand turn the bottom pieces out. So you can see them spray the bottom pieces and then do the same thing on the other side spray the bottom pieces and then let it sit for two minutes rented out conditioned and then it was time to dry it and what I noticed when I was drying it was that my hair was significantly more tangling. So I would actually recommend that either put a ton of like detanglers and moisturizing products in your hair before you blow-dry it or air-dry it because as soon as it’s dry the tang cleanness is no longer a problem but I really noticed that like while it was wet and I was handling it was much more tangley to me that’s not a big negative because now you know you’ll be fine it was just something that I learned that I would like to pass on and then once it’s dry it’s smooth sailin you can style it however you want you can use heat you can wear white it doesn’t transfer on anything it was very easy to wear I think the biggest question I’ve gotten is like how easy is it to remove I would say after the very first shower I did after this it got like % of it out and my hair mostly just looks like I used too much purple shampoo it didn’t look crazy or anything I would definitely like if I worked at a conservative office I would plate it up in a bun or something and I think it would be good to go and then after the next shower it was like % gone and I would totally wear my hair like down to a conservative office at that point and then after the third shower it was completely clear everything was good to go. So I did two applications on my hair I had the failed one and the one that took in an application on my hair extensions and this bottle still fills about half full. So you can get several weekends out of it’s only twelve dollars it has that same floral scent and if you want pink hair I very much recommend it oh that’s it I’ll finally done I actually did not mean to fall off my couch.

So that’s my review of the new Kristin s collection at Target I have a lot of favorites from the line I don’t know how to condense it but I will try to choose like my top first one is the air dry cream I really like it especially for just giving my hair that more polished shiny look although that being said my second favorite would be the sea salt air dry spray because I think This the answer to all of my sea salt prayers third would be the shine pomade I love this stuff I will use this on my baby hairs for the rest of time and I really like it through my ends on those days where I want a little bit more shine and definition blow-dry mist is another favorite I have like a super intense workout or something I don’t try to like make myself stretch it out anymore because I know I have this. So I can dry my hair really quickly and that’s like it’s legitimately as actually changed my life my final favorite for me is the recovery balm I just think it’s really amazing I love the applique I love the little tiny bun hat I think it’s. So cute our honorable mention has to go to the purple shampoo and the extra gentle conditioner because I have been using them a ton but I feel like if you only have the money to spend on like two or three products I would go with the five that I mentioned but if you want to like go splurge a large or you really need a good purple shampoo the purple shampoo and the extra gentle conditioner are very good as well. So that’s it I really enjoyed this one I thought it was an amazing follow-up to the first one I think that you guys would really enjoy trying it out if you’ve already tried out the products let me know which ones you enjoy in the comments below or let me know which ones you were looking forward to purchasing because I would love to hear what sounds the best to you guys that is it for today don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications. So you never miss a post from me and I will see you guys in the next one.

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