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Hey everyone, I’m Abby from LA and Ryland is helping us out today. To show you guys how to do the Rey triple buns from the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, it comes out this week. You guys are gonna love this one. Hey, before I forget, the twins are doing a giveaway over on their blog, you can find the link in the description box below, it’s for two, not one but two laptops. So be sure to go check that out and give us a thumbs up. Now let’s go. Okay, when you start this hairstyle what you wanna do is take a comb and just create a little part line right here on this side and on this side so it forms kinda a rectangular shape on her head. You don’t want this to be a huge section of hair, just because in the trailers that I’ve seen, it looked like it was just a really small section. Like almost like Rey had bangs or something and they needed to just kinda keep ’em out of her face. So it doesn’t need to be a giant section. Then you’re going to take an elastic that matches the hair, because we want this to be hidden. You know, virtually unseen almost. Comb any baby hairs back into it. Then secure it.

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Okay. Now we’re ready to create the rest of the hairstyle. We want to do this by going at the tops of her ears and we’re going to take our fingers and just go straight up to the crown and meet in the middle. So that you can see kinda that sectioning. And then you can take some dry wax if you want or hairspray if you wanna just slick these up and comb ’em even tighter. We meet Rey in the movie, she’s been runnin’ around like crazy in the movie, fighting and stuff so her hair is all kinda like windblown and billowy looking. Then you take an elastic and you wrap it around the hair and on the last wrap you can see my fingers are at the top, the hair is going to come mostly through, like maybe a third through, so I create this loop. Now I don’t want the loop to just stand up on the top of her head, so I’m gonna pull it up just a little more till it starts drooping a little bit. When you start to see that droop, then you’re done, don’t touch it. Now if you have shorter hair than Ryland, what you can do is take the ends and wrap them around that elastic and bobby pin ’em into place, if you have hair at least long enough to get to here on her head, then I would suggest doing it like I’m gonna do with her. Leave ’em like this. Then we’re gonna create another ponytail section.

You can go back and fix these, by just taking your fingers and popping them in the hole, in that little loop, there you go. And don’t worry if stuff like this starts happening, like with Ryland it totally will ’cause her ends are popping through, we’ll fix those in a minute. And last but not least, we’re gonna do it again on the third ponytail right here at the nape of the neck with anything remaining. And you’ll see that now I have these little ends kinda popping out right here and there’s no where for me to put ’em, so I’m going to take my fingers and create a little tiny space right here under the elastic. I’m just creating a little tiny hole and then what you do is just take those ends, tuck ’em in and I take just one bobby pin just to make sure they don’t pop out throughout the day and kinda like push those ends up in there tight. Nice and secure. Okay now if you have hair like Ryland’s where ends are popping out like this, You can always just take a bobby pin, like on this middle one right here, so I’ll take these ends, grab the ones that are loose. Just wrap them up and under again, take a little bobby and pop it up in there. (fun instrumental music) And when you finish that, you are done. You have a really authentic looking Rey hairstyle, with the three ponytails and elastics, and done. So let’s do our final spin on the Rey triple buns. Very cool. Ryland wore this to school yesterday, what did everyone think? They thought it was co cool. If you like this hairstyle give us a thumbs up, don’t forget to comment to our blog right here or you can click the info box right here and comment there as well and leave a comment telling me when you’re gonna get to go see Star Wars. We’ll see you guys next week, bye guys. May the force be with you.

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