Ribbon-Braided Bun Updos Hairstyles

-Hi everyone. OK, this morning, we are going to do one that’s so simple, fast, and easy, you will love it. And it’s called the braided bun with a ribbon. So and this works especially good my daughter’s hair obviously, she has a ton. But it actually works better if you have thin hair, because the ribbon adds a little bit of extra texture and volume. Her hair is almost too thick, because when I get it into the bun, it’s massive. You’ll see what I mean. So thin hair is a good one for this one. So all I’ve done this morning so far is just parted her hair wherever she wants it parted it doesn’t matter where and pulled it back into just a regular old pony tail.

Ribbon-Braided Bun Updos Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Just simple easy. Nothing fancy to that. Stick the ribbon through the elastic and leave about this is maybe a yard of ribbon. I just got this at Walmart. You can get it at Walmart for about a yard. So it’s cheap. They have a gazillion colors. This ribbon I like. It’s called Grosgrain. It just has a slight texture to it little teeny tiny stripies. But they have polka dots, and I mean, you can use any ribbon you want. So I’m going to just leave a little tail hanging out at the top. Make sure it goes all the way down to the end of her ponytail and then some. Then I’m just going to divide her hair into three sections. Get the ribbon out of the way for a minute. So I’m going to just start a basic braid. And I’m going to add the ribbon into that middle strand it doesn’t really matter which strand it’s in and just braid.

I try to keep the ribbon so it’s sitting on top when it comes through. Thank you. So instead of twist it so you get that ribbon showing through cute and just do basic braid. When you get to the end do you have a rubber band just grab a rubber band, rubber band it off, ribbon and all. Then take your braid, and while she’s holding the ribbon, just twist it into a bun. This is where you can see her bun becomes like a really big. And it actually looks I think cuter not having a bun quite so big. So I’ll do it again so you can see it. Just take it, twist it up any old way you want. There’s no magic to it. And then I just try to tuck that end in so that I hide the rubber band and the other ends. And then take a couple bobby pins and her hair is so thick I have to use the massive bobby pins. But by all means, use the small ones if you can. So I just grab a couple bobby pins, secure it wherever I want it. Take the ends of the ribbons, tie them into a cute little side bow. And you’re done. And you have a really fancy-looking bun in about five minutes. Ta-da. You’re done.

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