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Hey, everyone, I’m Abby, from LA. And Kamri’s here helping me today. Hi, guys. And we are going to show you what we’re calling the rickrack braid. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier than this braid. It’s really simple. Even the dads out there can do this one. It’s really basic. But you’re going to love it, because it comes out looking like this really cool rickrack. Do you guys remember what rickrack is, all of you? The lace that kind of goes up, down, up, down, up, down. No. Nope. Is that an old person thing? I don’t know what that is. Google rickrack, you’ll see. You’ll understand why this is called the rickrack braid. Now to begin, you’ll need to create a section of hair. Mine’s about two wide. I went from her left normal part over to her other eyebrow and kind of formed a rectangular shape. And it’s like the size of a pencil thickness. So it’s not too huge, but it’s a good size piece of hair. Now, I’m going to divide into three sections.

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The only difference between this and a regular braid is that you will do two large sections and one very small section of hair. So we’re going to do one large, another large, and then leave myself just a little teeny, tiny piece of hair for that third strand. And we’re going to do a normal braid. This is all a normal braid technique, right here. The only difference, again, being just that I’m using that smaller pieces of hair. And I’m doing a pretty loose three strand braid. I don’t want it too tight because we’re going to be pancaking it, and that becomes difficult if the braid is too tight. When I get about this far down, I’m going to stop. I think that’s pretty far enough. I want to pin her hair back to right about here, so I think that’s a good length. I don’t want to go much further down or the pancaking can get complicated. So I’m going to go back now, and you can see this is my small strand so small, small, small, small. I only want to pancake the large sections. So this one would be a big one. So I’m going to go ahead and pull that edge out. And I mean really pancake. Give it a nice big swoop. You’re going to go up a section, right here. Again, you can see that’s a large one. I’m going to give it a nice big swoop. You can see that by pulling this one out, I started pulling on this one. So I’m going to go back and go ahead and pull that side out now, too. Give it a nice little swoopity swoop. So you can see, swoop, swoop, swoop.

So I have two more on this side, two more on that side. If you just take it with your fingers, like I can of grab it upside down. And then just flip your wrist, like this, it just kind of pops them out. So this one pop that wrist, pulls it right out. This one pops that wrist. Now if you get when you do a long braid, what happens is it starts pulling on the other hair a little funny. Then it doesn’t lay as pretty. Which is why didn’t go any farther down than this to begin with. So you can see, we have our nice rickrack. I’ve got one more right here at the top I’m going to do. Let me just go back and re-pancake that one a little. And ta-da, we have our nice, beautiful rickrack shapes. I’m not going to do that very top one, just because it leaves kind of a funny bump on the top of her head. So I like it to lay flat.

So you can finish this up with an elastic. Or if you prefer to just use bobby pins, that’s fine, too whatever your preference is. Sometimes I use an elastic, then bobby pin, and then remove the elastic, just because the elastic gives a little stability while I bobby pin. Any of those options work. Just make sure you’re kind of maintaining the shape of those rickrack pieces. These bottom ones are, mostly, not going to show. Now, I’m going to pull it back. You can see I left some of the hair down, so that she still has a little more grownup look. I’m just going to go to the very back of her head, kind of at the base of her skull, and I’m going to just find a little spot and tuck this in and grab a couple bobby pins. And go ahead and bobby pin them to her scalp like that. Just crossing the bobby pins will hold them in place. And then throw that little piece of hair over the top anything you can still see, give an extra little tug. And you’re good. You have this fun, little, accent braid that looks very different, but it’s really not that different. OK, let’s do the final spin back around. Kamri’s hair is really long, but you could certainly do this hairstyle in even shoulder length hair would work. You just have to have enough to do that little braid on the side. And you’re good. Now if you guys have not seen it, be sure to check out this post. I’ll put it right here. It’s from Brooklyn and Bailey’s blog. It’s their parody post that they collab’d with, with Studio C. It’s hilarious. I’m in it. Oh, yes. She plays a mean girl in it. A mean girl? Aren’t you one of the campers that’s kind of mean? I guess. Yeah, so they did a spoof, kind of like Parent Trap, and then on Studio C’s blog they did a spoof of prom. So they’re both hysterical. So lots and lots and lots of laughs. So be sure to check them out. The link will be in the description box, below, if you need it there. And be sure to give us a thumbs up. We love your thumbs up. So if you love us, give us a thumbs up to let us know. And we’ll see you guys next Sunday, bye guys. Bye. Put your hand down, Kamri. Hey, what’s your name? Kamri. Kamri, what’s your last name? Um. What’s your last name? No, Kamri Mc Knight. Kamri McKnight. See you. Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo.

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