How To Rid Your Belly Fat

Humans have a secret weapon in their behavioural armoury that can work powerfully to help us – or it can work just as powerfully against us. It’s our imagination. Or rather it’s our ability to visualise. Most of the time, our thoughts drift around in a random pattern of uncoordinated ideas, prompted by whatever happens to pop up around us. We are drawn to whatever grabs our fickle attention.

Our thoughts and feelings are largely conditioned from early childhood experiences that shape our future emotional framework. We learn from an early age to let our thoughts pretty much wander wherever they choose. The mind follows random currents, blown around like a leaf in the wind, lacking focus or any sense of direction. A ship without a rudder.

This is where the risks of self-sabotage emerge; uncontrolled thoughts and feelings, selfdoubt, memories of failure, feelings of a lack of self-worth. The list is endless and potentially destructive to our plans for absolute wellbeing. So now is the perfect time to switch on our powers of visualisation and give the mind some clear directions to follow for the future. It’s time to bring on the really powerful support system that is hidden within your own mind!

It’s incredible to realise how much our expectations shape our perceptions and our behaviour. Our programmed attitudes and responses play a major role in determining many of the outcomes in our lives. Happily, humans possess the immensely powerful gift of visualisation.

By visualising a desired outcome, our behaviours shift to favour those clearly visualised results. The technique of visualisation is incredibly simple. All we have to do is relax. That’s right. Relax. Sit down and relax and close your eyes. Now breathe a little more deeply. And see yourself exactly as you really, deeply desire yourself to be.

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