How To Rid Stubborn Belly Fat

Remember to measure your results with your eyes. Our bodies reflect the success of our new choices

The new levels of energy, health and well-being contribute to a dramatic increase in confidence and a change in how we see ourselves in the world. We learn to accept that we really can exercise far more influence over our lives than we had previously realised. So the process of physical transformation becomes a catalyst for change within our mental and emotional frameworks.

Part of the change is obviously related to chemical changes taking place within the body but we must also consider the development of Executive Function within the prefrontal cortex and the new array of skills that are associated with higher brain function. As we work through the process of transformation, we experience the development of the self, the awakening of the will and the possibility of making shifts within the framework of our personalities.

More is suddenly possible than ever before. If the methods work for weight control, can they be applied to any other area of our lives? Of course! The same framework can be applied to controlling our anger, our fears, our phobias, our emotional hurt and a truly vast range of human behaviours.

The success of the programme will ultimately depend on whether you really believe that you are capable of change. If you subscribe to the view that change is possible and that the human personality is not a fixed commodity, you will inevitably find less resistance in implementing the strategies.

All the evidence of recent years points to the incredible flexibility of the human brain and the supreme potential for adaptability of the human personality. The choice remains entirely within your hands. Or, to be more accurate, within the crucible of your extraordinary mind.

We are indeed extremely fortunate to live in an age where science is delivering insights and choices that are helping us to live longer and more healthily than ever before in our history. It is a supreme irony that, in an age of enhanced communication and almost infinite quantities of information, we ofen ignore these momentous discoveries and the implications for a better life. But you know better now.

You have the tools to make a better life for yourself. You have the means and the opportunity to master your weight control issues and take full advantage of the gifts that are stored within your higher brain function. As two eminent researchers have established: ‘Environments can be as deterministic as we once believed only genes could be and the genome can be as malleable as we once believed only environments could be.’ – (Daniela Kaufer and Darlene Francis at the University of California, Berkeley, 2011).

As we develop a new vision of who and how we can be, our behaviour can shift and re-align itself with the clarity of that new outline. The methods laid out before you are the stepping stones that will take you to your chosen destination. You now possess a vast array of possible choices. Choose well and begin to live into that new vision of yourself.


Getting connected to your potential by making strong commitments

Realising the potential of a focused will

Employing the methods across all areas of your life

Choosing the right goals for you

Understanding that we can control our genes, our behaviour and even our brain function

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