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Anemone pulsatilla Wind Flower

For example, if when stressed you start to feel depressed, then look for a stimulating herbal tonic such as Wild Oats. Rihanna short hair cuts If, however stress makes you feel anxious and you start developing symptoms such as palpitations, sweating and sleeplessness, then turn to those herbs that have a relaxing effect.

Rescue Remedy, because it is not strictly herbal, but a Bach Flower remedy is not included in this directory, but it is readily available over the counter

It is quite clear that some herbs are multi-talented. Borage gives a marvellous show of flowers and adds to the cottage garden, attracting plenty of bees. The leaves add a cucumber flavour to drinks, the flowers can garnish salads, and the oil lowers blood pressure. Lavender is another all-purpose herb, essential for pot-pourris and for a range of soothing treatments. If you find some plants do not succeed in certain parts of the garden, move them around until you find a more suitables place and you may well find that they perk up.

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