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There’s no denying that Rihanna is smashing #lifegoals at the mo. This year, she’s proven herself as a fully-fledged actress, released a sell-out make-up line, Fenty Beauty, and she’s also nabbed Harvard’s Humanitarian Of The Year Award (to name but a few). Career aside, she’s been dating Hassan Jameel. Although things are reported to be going from strength to strength, there’s a dark cloud over Ri RN – otherwise known as ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. According to a source speaking exclusively to Look, Ri is said to be in turmoil over 28-year-old Chris after watching his recently released documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life.

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‘It’s a familiar story for Rihanna – just as everything was going so well between her and Hassan, she’s admitted to her closest friends that she feels really conflicted about Chris,’ explains a pal. ‘Rihanna was initially angry about the fact Chris was talking about their relationship on camera when she saw the earlier clips, but now she’s seen more of it, it’s had a different effect.

It’s reminding her of how much love they had for each other, before it all went south.’ The 29 year old, who’s about to have a road named after her in Barbados (Rihanna Drive) was last spotted with beau Hassan having a 2am Chinese dinner at Park Chinois in London’s Mayfair at the end of September. But with Rihanna travelling recently, it’s put an understandable strain on their relationship, simply because they haven’t been spending much time together. Our sources tell us it’s led to a lot of alone time thinking about Chris’ words. ‘Chris reached out to Rihanna in his documentary, which is why she’s seen parts of it. She’d never consider dating him again and she’s assured Hassan there’s no love for Chris in that way. He trusts her 100%but Ri is only human, and is inevitably drawn to her ex. It’s just how she is,’ her pal continues.

Rihanna is said to be in turmoil over her ex, Chris Brown Rihanna is reportedly dating Hassan Jameel ‘She’s always felt bad about cutting him out completely when things got serious with Hassan and it’s been playing on her mind ever since. She feels extremely torn – there’s a chapter of her life that hasn’t had proper closure.’ Poor Ri. It’s like she can never get away from her exes. Recently, her other ex, Drake, hit the headlines after being linked to Bella Hadid. We feel for ya, Ri. It’s not as if you can just block them on Instagram when you’re a global superstar. Here’s hoping that Hassan and Ri can go the distance. We’d love to see a Fenty bridal collection.

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