Rihannas Loose Waves from The Grammys

I got a ton of requests to do Rihanna’s ways from the Grammys I loved them as well because they’re this great kind of old Hollywood wave with a really broken up PC texture which makes it really modern. So what you’re gonna do is start on the side with the least amount of hair you’re gonna want your hair in a side part for this and you’re going to curl the hair on that side toward your face and I’ll using a one-inch curling iron to do this then once you’ve got the hair all curled you’re gonna go ahead and wrap it back around two fingers place it against your head and pin it in place to let it cool its gonna create a nice strong curl that will last really well while we rush it out and play with it later once you have all the hair in that section done you can let down the next one we’re gonna make these a little lower.

Rihannas Loose Waves from The Grammys Photo Gallery

So they’re about the same height as the curls on the level below them. So you’re gonna kind of all the iron out about two to three inches from your hair don’t curl it immediately next to the scalp once you’ve got all that done we’re gonna go on to the other side and on this time we’re gonna curl away from the face kind of taking the same size sections that we did on the first side and you’re gonna section out the next section and this one can be curled directly against your head although where that curl apparently I wasn’t doing that but for the rest is in that’s what you’re supposed to be doing and then once you have those all curled and tend back up we’re gonna lay down the next section and this one on your second-to-last section you’re gonna go out two to three inches like we did on the other side basically what This gonna do is it’s gonna help to make those curls that all kind of start around your eyebrow because her curls started a lot lower and they didn’t really start all up at her head. So you don’t want to hold your curling iron up there. So for this very last section we’re going out like four to five inches from the head like really far away.

So that we can get that nice loose curl if not tight up against the scalp because that’s not the look we’re going for and then once you’ve got that all done and the curls are completely cool you can go ahead and let them down now the reason why you kind of heated up and then you pin it in place to cool it is because the hair actually sets itself when it’s cooling not when it’s heated up. So if you really want a nice strong curl you always want to pin it back up. So that I really gets that shape then you’re gonna take a paddle brush and go ahead and just comb through your hair and kind of break up those curls now if you have naturally curly hair just go through with your fingers don’t touch it with the hair brush or it could get really frizzy then just go ahead and spritz it some hairspray and kind of scrunch it up. So that I can kind of get a little bit more shape to it and then you’re gonna kind of run your fingers through and shake it out to get that kind of messy texture to it. So you can see that you have these waves they flow together nicely kind of like an old Hollywood hairstyle but with the kind of sprayed texture and the fact that they’ve been kind of finger comb through and shaking out it makes it a lot more modern and really wearable for the everyday girl I think this would be great for like every day or even for prom hair just wherever you want to wear it can definitely work anywhere me a comment and tell me about your favorite hairstyle that you’ve seen this award show season and if you want you can check out my previous post by clicking on the screen right now and I will see you guys in my next post wha fight you.

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