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And this is my daughter Grace everyone this blog is all about learning new. And different hairstyle. So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment.

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And if you’re already a commentr we love you. And we thank you. So much there gonna be a rain rain combo let’s head start okay.

I started by wetting our hair you could do this dry if you want but it works really good when it’s wet. And anything that, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave it in the description box below, I’m gonna start by doing a French braid take a section here let’s put it in three. And across this over gonna grab a slice right here smooth it out bring this over.

And then you’re gonna go ahead. And take a small section right here cut this much gonna bring it over here. And then add some hair to this strand here again, I have some hair here on the side take a small section you want to try to make it equal parts with the first one okay okay.

So you want to create about five of these strands you don’t want to go past this bump right here is called the occipital area the backbone overhead you want to go past there. So if you have five strands you’re perfect good to go. And then you’re not going to create any more laces after that, I’m just going to go ahead.

And complete French braid. I’m just gonna go ahead. And just break down few more stitches, I’m gonna leave it right here, I’m going to temporarily put this into an elastic band.

So they’ll hold it into place. I’m going to match everything, I did over here on this side over here. And, I’ll be right back okay.

So now that, I completed both sides the same with the equal amount of strands, I’m going to go ahead. And put a little bit of gel on here just. So that, I’ll give it some texture.

And grip. So now you’re gonna take these two strands right here smooth them out. And you’re just going to go ahead.

And create a knot just like this all right. And if you want you can have your girl hold this or you could just go ahead. And clip it together with a computer with a clip or something just.

So that it’ll hold it in place all right now you’re going to take the next strand right here these two strands you’re going to put them together you’re gonna smooth them out okay. So now that it’s comb smoothly you’re going to go ahead. And create another knot you don’t want to create the not too tight you want to create that ring thank you all right go ahead put a clip right here just to hold it in place, I’m gonna do the same thing by adding all the hairs until, I have no more dad go ahead.

And just take the clip. And just have it hold these two rings right there. And that’s all there is to it just got to complete it all the way down okay.

So now once you’re completed with that, I leave this here just to give it some stability because, I’m going to take this here, I’m gonna go ahead. And unravel this braid until it blends in to this braid here. And then, I’m gonna go ahead.

And just complete my braid all the way down yeah make sure that when you do add this this last piece of your ring not say you’re not tucking it too hard now go ahead. And just cover their last a pan with her hair, I’m gonna do the same thing, I did over here on this side take this out, I’m just gonna go ahead. And go back over all my rings.

And just fix them to the way, I like it very gently. And a little hairspray. And there you have it thank you.

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