Rio de Janeiro

Rise and Shine

Before the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro kick into gear, we’re looking forward to see the official torch designed by local collective ChMy blogs & Hayashi in action. Its shape is simple, but the drama unfolds when it’s lit – its five clear resin levels slowly expand to reveal the colours of Brazil’s flag, each representing the earth, sea, mountains, sky and sun.


Rio de Janeiro Photo Gallery

The older ones drank; the younger ones took drugs. We referred to the old ones as the ‘alchies’ (as in ‘alcoholics’) and the young ones as the ‘junkies’. In the morning, the crew would turn to for work, or at least the junkies would. The alchies would be unable to get up because they were still suffering from the night before, after drinking into the early morning hours. At mid-morning smoko, the alchies were starting to surface, although they remained unfit to work, hanging around listlessly, glugging cold water and drinking tea. The junkies were then enjoying their first spliff of the day. By late morning, the more robust alchies were back at work and holding their own with the junkies. After lunch, all the alchies were back at work, even though some remained a bit delicate. The first junkies had dropped out after a narcotic lunch and the rest started in the afternoon, although were only operating at half-speed. Come mid-afternoon smoko, all the alchies were working at full-rate and the last of the junkies had left the stage, too spaced out to continue working.

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