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COPE WITH A MOTORING MISHAP (HINT: MAKE NOTES!) HOW TO TAKE NOTE Write down all the info from the other people and vehicles involved as well as witnesses, street names, time of accident, visibility and road conditions. Information must include full names, ID numbers, home, cell and business phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses and vehicle registrations. Note whether the other driver appeared intoxicated, was talking on a cellphone, or was driving negligently or too fast. SWITCH ON YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS This is your first post-accident step – to warn other vehicles. If you can, get out of your car. If anyone is injured, call an ambulance and the police. SNAP AWAY Take pictures of the accident and the damage to your car, as well as the other car involved, from dierent angles.

You will need these for insurance. @ELLEmagazineSA 136 Executive Head of 1st for Women Insurance Robyn Farrell shares her advice on what to do REPORT IT TO THE POLICE The police don’t have to be called to the scene if no one is hurt, but the accident must be reported within 24 hours at a police station by all parties involved. It is an offence not to report an accident, even if neither party intends to take legal action. DON’T ADMIT LIABILITY Only give the essentials when making your statement to the police, even if you think you may have caused the accident, and do not sign a written statement without first consulting your insurance company or an attorney. BE WARY OF TOW-TRUCK DRIVERS If your insurance includes roadside assistance and towing services, don’t allow your vehicle to be towed by any service other than your insurance provider’s.

If you don’t have tow cover, ask for a quote from the operator first and negotiate the price upfront. Remember to note the name, contact details and vehicle registration of the tow-truck driver. DON’T INTERFERE If anyone has been injured, do not tamper with the evidence or move the vehicles. An exception is if the vehicle obstructs the trac completely, in which case you can move it slightly to allow trac to move past, but first mark the original position with chalk or spray paint. No one should administer first aid unless they are qualified to do so.

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