Rock a Cute Boho Braid in less than 5 Minutes

Our wearable hairstyle this week I did this little braided half-up half-down style this one has been requested a little bit because it’s gone around Tumblr and Pinterest and all that kind of stuff. So I thought I would go ahead and do a tutorial on it’s really nice and quick and simple great for you girls with short layers because you can do this as long as your hair’s you know like a couple inches long you can get this. So I hope you guys like it and I think that’s it yeah okay um that’s it yes. So you guys like it.

Rock a Cute Boho Braid in less than 5 Minutes Photo Gallery

I’ll see the next tutorial mwah bye start by splitting your hair in half and then grab a x section from the front split into three and you’re gonna braid incorporating only hair from the top. So it’s like a French braid but you’ve only got here from the top and you’re gonna do that all the way around to the back center of your head make sure that you like the height that you’re braiding it because where that cuts you is gonna kind of determine how it looks from the front you’re just gonna braid keeping that all the way nice and even around as evenly as you can then braid a couple inches normally and then you’re going to secure that however you like to you can do it with a clip or with the band it’s not gonna stay there though that’s just holding our place and then you’re gonna repeat that on the other side making sure not to get it too tight because if you make it too tight it’s gonna look a little bit overworked I kind of like it a little bit looser myself and then you’re gonna cross the two braids over each other like. So and then just kind of adjust it a little bit if you need to and pin into it to hold it in place basically you can kind of just pin however you feel your hair needs it but I just kind of pinned in a criss cross over that cross then you remove whatever you used to hold the braid and you’re done you.

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