Romantic And Formal Side Ponytail

I know I’ve been gone for a long time and if you want to know why I’ve been gone I made a separate post for that on my second my blog which I’ll link in the description box. So go check that out today though I have this nice little side pony which I’ll actually wearing to my graduation I think it’s a great graduation hairstyle because it you can keep it further down. So that your cap doesn’t have to cover it but it’s also really pretty it’s a very romantic hairstyle and my dress is very whimsical and kind of romantic. So I thought it kind of went along with that and also I think This a great wedding hairstyle for sure or you know any other formal event like prom could be good but it’s not a very dance proof hairstyle. So no whipping your hair back and forth ladies but I think it’s a really cute it’s really pretty it is a little bit more technical I’ll gonna try to help you guys out and in the instructions and hopefully it all is really a little clearer and it’s easy to follow but anyway This.

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I think really pretty I hope you guys really like it and I’ll excited to be back on YouTube and making posts thanks for holding in there waiting and everything ends aww yeah that’s it. So daddy further ado I’ll gonna go ahead and rollin. So within the updo we start with section start off by sectioning the hair in front of your ear first on this one side and I just like to clamp it out of the way. So that don’t end up being tangled with the rest of them I’ll going to call this section one just for future reference then split the rest of the hair right in the middle gonna visit the center of your head in the back and this section is going to be number two that’s all we’re gonna be working with first and I’ll actually gonna put this section one on top of my head because that just makes it easier now we’re gonna bring section two in a French crepe This just gonna give us a base to pin into ignore the like that my hair is curled here I was trying something that didn’t work. So just don’t worry about it but basically you’re just gonna do a French braid. So you can pin the hair into it and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to I just think it makes it easier in the long run because it gives the body princely put onto a little tiny bag and that’s it now you’re basically gonna curl your ponytail I use the one and a quarter edge hot coals iron because I wanted looser waves if you want tighter waves or header curls.

I’ll go through one inch or inch I am and then I pinned the curls afterward just as they cool in the curl and that would help the crowds last better doesn’t really do all my hair to fall out of a crow I was in graduation I wish I could really throw this house and then curl the rest of the sections as well where you’re gonna want either another set of eyes or checking the mirror quite often but I created a little bit of a droop it’s not pulled tight as you can see it’s nice and loose and when it pin that into the braid and then after that I took a little one-inch sections and preferably ones that had been curled together and I penned them right in the middle between the front of the hair and the braid and what you’re doing here is you’re creating lots of little scoops and with these little scoops it helps to create this really great cascading texture and if you want to see me explain this bit more of my Lauren Conrad updo use this same technique is a very similar technique. So if you want a little bit more explanation next day as well but basically what I’ll doing like I said as.

I’ll taking one instruction was putting them between the braid and the front of the hair and when you do this you’re gonna want to kind of layer them over each other you’ll see this one’s gonna go over the other two and that just creates the three-dimensional effect do you want to be making texture here as if you have pull all across over and they’re just naturally falling that way but they just they don’t actually fall that way. So you have to kind of fake it and when you do this you want some extra hold you can go crisscross the bobby pins over and that way you can have a little bit more hold down a little bit more stability in your hairstyle you can also do what I did right here and cover up some bobby pins with the piece of hair makes it just a little bit easier and you’re just gonna repeat that with one interception until you get all them about halfway around the hair obviously as you see here you don’t want to all stop at the same point you want to differ on the points at which you put it but around halfway through then you’re going to take the ends and you’re going to pull new york’s the way through and you can see right here.

I’ll actually shaping and for some higher things like that is gonna help to make different looks because you don’t want to go all in one height alright then you’re going to take the front section and start to incorporate those and you want the front section to cover up the braid. So see how I’ll putting This the very top of the braid that way I don’t have to worry about it I know that it’s out of the way and then you’re gonna continue to take these front sections back make sure you’re careful with how you shape these because it’s really good and determine how your hair looks from the front but again you’re putting into braids you’ll see right here I’ve messed around with it a little bit just to see where I think it fits best with that one and if you crisscross your bobby pins within the brain as well to add more stability I think thicker hair you’re gonna have a little bit of it easier time with this – my thing here I know what we’re gonna do is any ends there leftover we’re gonna take them that’s just gonna kind of create a really cool effect don’t do it too tight you can see this whole hairstyle is loose and it’s effortless you don’t want to make this super super tight. So you’re just gonna wrap it around pretty loosely and then just put it into place I like to pin it within the ponytail. So actually up against the band not necessarily against my head.

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