Romantic Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Medium Hair Tutorial

First up I’m going to apply a protectant all over my sister’s hair now.

I’m going to grab my paddle brush. And I’m just going to brush your hair to distribute the product now. I’m going to grab two strands near the front of her head. And I’m going to twist it like still together and as. I’m twisting.

Romantic Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Medium Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

I’m going to pick up hair from the bottom strand. And I’m just going to incorporate it into the twist all the way just like. So and if you’re a little bit confused there’s a post right there and you can click the link. And I actually explained it better there. So that might help you out a bit you can pause this post and watch your first set now, if you want this to be more of the side too you can continue to twist this all the way to the other side of your ear but. I’m just going to stop a little bit past halfway and then.

I’m just going to grab a hair tie. And I’m gonna tie the two strands together now. I’m going to continue and do the exact same thing to the other side of her hair just grabbing two strands and twisting it incorporating hair into one of the strands only. And I’m going to twist it all the way till it reaches the other one annalee. I’m going to remove the hair tie.

And. I’m going to tie the hair all together now. I’m just gonna pull it loose a bit. And I’m gonna make a hole like. So. And

I’m just going to take the ponytail. And I’m gonna loop it right inside the hole and as you can see this will make the twist more defined now. I’m going to grab my Amica kerning iron. And I’m going to curl all the hair this will make the next process really easy. So just curl the entire ponytail.

So when you’re all done your curls should look like this, and what. I’m gonna do next is grab some bobby pins preferably ones this the same color as your hair. And I’m just gonna take one of the strands. And I’m just going to pin it where the twist is and hide the bobby pin and then. I’m going to do the same thing with all of our hair.

So just position them everywhere and if your hair is long that you might want to twist it like this, just to shorten the length of the hair now if I were to do this hairstyle on myself I would make this more of a side two and put the loop right near the side that way I can see where. I’m pinning my curls and where they look good at now when you get to the end of your hair start pinning the curls at the bottom as well you don’t have to put them all at the top. So just placing some at the bottom like. So and next you want to grab some hairspray and spray your curls in place and of course I always accessorize just sticking flowers right at the top and that is the completed look I hope you guys enjoyed the tour. And I will talk to you soon.

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