Romantic Vintage Updo

This our formal hairstyle for the week that it’s got little ol braids into a messy little bun which might sound familiar but that’s what I wanted to do today because I’ve gotten this requested and I’ve also saved this hairstyle just myself and my own internet browsing I was like I like that and I saved it and then I wanted to do it. So I did a tutorial on it’s nice and easy and I think if you made this like a little bit Messier like you didn’t spend all the time on it you just kind of stuck in a messy bun it would be really cute for like just a formal event that wasn’t like prom dress formal but it was still nice oh I just love it I love it. So much.

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So I hope you guys like it too and I’ll see my next post ma first you’re gonna separate the hair in front of your ears on either side what we’re gonna do right now is basically separate all the hair around that braid that we’re gonna make. So it’s a little bit laborious but this way makes the braid a little bit easier. So once you’ve got the hair separated you want to secure it out of the way however is easiest for you and then you’re gonna make another part about two inches back and if you want the braid to be wider you can do a little bit wider but two inches back from there and once you have that hair parted out go ahead and secure it you can just put it in a play tell us a nice easy way to get it out of the way then you’re gonna move all your hair to one side and it looks a little silly and then you’re just gonna go ahead and split the hair into three and you can either Dutch or French braid actually in the picture hers was French braided but.

I just kind of like the look of a Dutch braid. So whichever one you want to do you can do and you’re just gonna do that all the way on the head and to the ear once you’ve incorporated all that here you’re gonna braid a couple inches normally now if you don’t know how to do this or that looks complicated you can always check out my tutorial that I’ll link in the description box and then you can go ahead and curl the rest of the hair you don’t have to curl all the hair if you don’t want to I would suggest making sure that your front hair in front of the braid is curled but everything else is just optional it just kind of helps the next steps to be a little bit easier and to look a little bit uniform at the end then what you’re gonna do is separate the hair in front of the neck on either side and sit the rest of the hair in a ponytail This what we’re gonna work with first to go ahead and start the base of our messy little bun that we have going on in the back what you’re gonna do is grab little pieces and wrap them around two fingers and then put them against your head and pin them in place I like to put them up against my head in kind of a vertical fashion.

I mean they would go off to a horizontal way a little bit but they would say mostly vertical. So you’re just wrapping them around your fingers like you would around a roller and then putting it against your head and pinning it in place there and you see it took me about four little pieces to get through my ponytail right there you can do more or less depending on how PC you want the bun to look I didn’t want it to look too PC. So I took bigger sections and then you see we’ve got our last one here then you’re going to take this stuff from the front and that’s how you’re going to frame your face. So make sure that you like the way it looks from the front and then you’re gonna pin it right on top of everything else and from the side obviously I had a little bit more. So I’ll gonna take more than one section for this side I’ll gonna bring it over and place it on top and then pin it in place right there and then you can see that that end is kind of long. So I looped it around my fingers like I did everything else and went ahead and pin it into place there you can either leave your ends hanging or you can pin them if you see fit obviously my hair is a little long. So I needed to and you’re gonna bring that last piece back then it in place and loop it if you need to and then you use your discretion if you want the little adornment there you can put that there if not you don’t have to but that’s it hope you like it.

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