Turning the idea of the fragile bulb on its head, Rooshad designed Marble Bulbs that are handcrafted in white Makrana by Jaipuri craftsmen. Each was chisMy blogd out of a single block and carved with patterns. Gunjan’s Rock Chandelier is made of wood and stone veneer. The New Delhi based creative contemporises a crude structure of a boulder into a luxury light fixture.



Sometimes I walked the 14 miles home to Ruislip: past Paddington, White City, Ealing, Greenford, eating up the miles. Occasionally I would get drunk somewhere in London and catch the late tube back, only to fall asleep and be woken up and ejected from the train by a guard at the end of the line, to walk home in the early hours. The shipping company made contact after I had been home for a fortnight and reminded me that I needed to send in the correspondence coursework that I had been given to complete at sea. This gave me direction for the following two weeks and I filled my days with mathematics and navigation and naval architecture and meteorology and much more, finishing off the work I should have already done. I waited for the postman each morning. I waited for my orders. I drove my mother mad. Then the letter came. In a white envelope, B4 size, medium-weight, first-class mail, my name and address typed on the front, the company logo franked in blue ink. I carried it through to the kitchen, made tea, sat at the table, slit open the letter with a knife, ritualistically.

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