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And we love you today we’re going to show you how to do something quick. And easy. And fun to do we call it a rope twist combo braids.

So let’s get started okay. I have our hair wet you could do this dry but, I prefer it to be wet it’s easier for me to have her hair control. And also, I parted her hair slightly to the side what you want to do is take a slice a piece of her hair right over the temple area right near the temple or just take a slice of that hair you want to split it into two.

And you want to take the right strand over the left strand okay click across you want to take a slice here. And add it to the strand here see there now you just want to go ahead. And twist by taking the right strand over the left okay.

And nothing goes nothing you’re not going to add anything over on this side you all you want to do is add just the right side again small slice. And add it to that strand smooth it out. And then you want to just twist you want to repeat it all the way down to the middle of the net as you’re twisting make sure that this part right here the crown area is smooth to make sure that it’s flat down.

And smooth, I’m just about middle of her her neck okay. So you’re going to take a clip, I’m just going to clip this for now now, I’m going to go ahead. And do this side over here the same way, I did it here, I’m going to do this do it the same way over there.

And, I’ll be right back [Applause] okay. So now, I’m going to go back over here to this rope. And this is very this is optional you can go ahead.

And tug on these pieces here. And, I’m going to go ahead. And do it on the other side just by slightly pulling this will give you that nice twist look notice that, I’m left the middle part down.

And I didn’t add any to the sides of them. So what, I’m going to do is, I’m going to take these two here you see right here just put down. And, I’m just going to add a little bit of hair on to this strand here see, I’m holding these two together, I’m going to add some hair to this strand some to this strand whatever, I have left over, I’m going to just grab it with the middle.

So that, I have equal parts. And then, I’m just going to go ahead. And braid this down with the three strands that, I have in my hand now you can do it any way you like, I just happen to like it with a great coming down before, I secure this off, I’m going to go ahead.

And just tug on the outside of this braid just to give it some thickness. And then, I’m going to secure it off an elastic beam you just tug a little bit more just to have that added volume added thickness little hairspray here you have it thank you. So much for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you find Donnie Wynette please leave a comment down below of what you guys think about it to check out more of our tutorials click over there.

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