Rope Twist French Braid Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie everyone welcome my blog.

And today, I’m going to show you how to do a French rope twist braid. So let’s get started okay. I started off with her hair wet.

And I also put some gel to tame our flyaways okay. I’m going to take a slice of her hair from the bottom about this much, I’ll lift it up. And comb it through split it in half.

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And then go please, I’m going to twist the strands to the right then, I’m going to turn the twisted strands to the left okay this way alright then, I’m going to add a strand on the side. And combine it with this strand here. And then same thing on this side to the right, I’m going to combine the strands from the right.

And then, I’m going to twist again to the right. And, I’m going to turn this twist the strands to the left. And it’s going to be repeating every time.

So strand a slice from the side gather it from the middle, I’m sorry, I gather it from the left strand smooth them out. And then you do the same thing to the right a slice from the right. And you combine it to the right strand.

And then you’re going to twist to the right. And then you’re going to term the twisted strands to the left. And then it’s just repetitive all the way down okay.

So because, I spun her around because the back was too high for her hair for me to work on. I’m going to finish it off. So you can go ahead.

And tie the tie an elastic band right here at her neck area the nape area hit right here. And then do whatever you want leave the ponytail down. And loose or you can just go all the way down with this rope twist title tie it off an elastic band now it’s going to loosen up but that’s okay.

And you’ll you’ll have a nice loose rope now if you don’t like it this loose you can like, I said before you can go ahead. And tie it off from the nape area. And that’ll make it.

So it stays in place. And then you can finish the tail off with a regular braid or or a bun it’s up to you yes put bobby pins all around make a nice flower bun this but, I’m going to take it. And finish it off with a braid to a Stickley put some ribbon around it there you have it thank you.

So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial if you enjoyed it please give us that thumbs up. And comment to the link below we’ll see you next time bye guys bye.

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