Rope Twist Waterfall Accompanied by 2 Flower Braids Hairstyles

Hi everyone today’s tutorial will be doing the rope twist waterfall accompanied by two flower braids let’s get started when, I first did was to wet her hair down you could do them dry but, I prefer them wet because she’s got ridiculous flyaways. And when it gets dry it just goes everywhere.

Rope Twist Waterfall Accompanied by 2 Flower Braids Hairstyles Photo Gallery

I also use some gel to control the fly ways too. So on this side, I start by taking a little piece. And I split them in half.

And I take this one over. And I twist it like this. And I grab a slice from here put right in between the strands, I’m going to take this.

And twist it. And then you just continue pull these down. And twist in between here twist it when try to get a little little pieces little strands in between the twist take a little bit.

And you want to take him from a pair you don’t want to take it down here you want to take them from up here missed don’t do myself tie this off on the way yeah push this up a little bit, I’m gonna take it over here the old strand right towards the temple right in the middle okay. So split this in half. And you’re going to take this one over this one just like this okay you want to do is take a little piece a little slice right here put it in between that two strands that you just cross over you’re gonna do the same thing turn twist it grab a slice from up here right between.

And twist continue all until you get to you reach to the other side of your rope twist okay. So you take these two that are together put these strands. And to an elastic beam adjust them then, I’m going to do the same thing over again on this side right here just continue all the way down to the end.

So now, I have this extra piece just that your long piece right here with my last twist, I’m just going to clip it. And make a loop right here. And what, I’m going to do is just take it.

And just wrap it when, I wrap it around, I’ll take that little section. And just put it in between the other lesbians okay. I don’t have that extra long piece.

So what, I’ll do, I’m just going to roll it once you like the way your flower is shaped you can actually something some kind of hair accessory. And hot. And put it right in the middle to that.

And also hide the body came to as well. And there you have the rope twist waterfall accompanied by two flower braids thank you. So much for reading this tutorial if you liked the post please give a thumbs up.

And comment to the link below we’ll see you next week. And have a good day bye everyone I.

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