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Hey everyone. I’m Abby, from LA. And today I have Kamri here helping me. Hi guys. And we’re going to show you how to do a rope-twisted bun. Now this one’s great. Because depending on how you style it, you can morph it from an updo that you can wear to prom, down to a soccer hairstyle that you could wear to an athletic event, like we’re going to show you on Kamri. So let’s get going. Now we’ve started this hairstyle by parting her hair right straight down the middle. See, it goes all the way down into two pieces. And then pulling them up, into ponytails. Now you want the ponytails to be as close to the part line as possible. You don’t want them sitting clear out on the sides of her head. Now if you were doing this more of an updo version, you could certainly leave all of this more loose, you could add some curls going into it, a braid. Anything like that, some teasing, just to add volume and sophistication to the hairstyle. Because Kamri’s going to soccer, we’re going to leave it pretty slicked back. And we’re even wetting it down. So I’m going to take my water bottle, and just spritz the ponytail. Again, this is optional.

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You don’t have to do this if you’re going for a more grownup look. And we’re going to create a rope twist. So rope twist, you’re just going to twist the piece, and then you twist them over each other. Just quickly create a rope twist. And then we’re going to secure it at the end with an elastic, preferably an elastic that’s close to their hair color. And we’re going to repeat that on this other side. And again, if I were doing an updo on an older girl, I would just leave the hair really dry and curly, add some fun curls to it as you’re doing this, just for texture. When you get to the end, secure with an elastic. Now option one, once your at this point, is to go ahead and start twisting around, just with the pieces like they are. If you want a more grownup look, again you can go ahead and just pull on these a little bit, to loosen the twists up a little. And what this does, is just adds volume to the twist. It’s going to make it a little wider, a little fluffier. So it just depends on the look you want. If you’re going for a tight ballerina bun, leave them tight. If you’re going for a prom do, loosen them up. I’m going to take this right piece, and I’m going to go under the left, and I’m going to wrap it clockwise, up and over the elastic, just until you run out of hair.

So this will vary, depending on your hair length. And I’m going to just bobby pin this end piece down. Just one right now, to hold it in place, and we’ll deal with this later. On this side I’m going to go up and counterclockwise, and up and around, and tuck that piece up and under. And secure it. Now at this point, this is where you kind of just tweak, and form the bun to be what you want. If you want it to be a little more rounded, you can go like this, and push it on this sides, and bobby pin those pieces wherever they need a little bit of help. How does that feel, Kam? Shake your head a little. You can see we don’t have any movement, which is a good sign. We’ll do one more. And then you can just kind of pull and fluff, and tweak until you really like it. And you’re all finished. Now let’s do the final spin. And we added a cute little bow, just to add a little pop. Ta-da. And round to the front. And again, if you wanted to dress it up, leaving some little tendrils of hair coming down in front of the face is definitely a way to mature the look, and to dress it up, so if you’re going to the prom, this is an excellent style. Now you guys may not have known, but we have a duck, a mama duck, laying eggs in our yards this spring. There’s , right now. eggs so far. We started with one, and we’ve just watched her lay an egg like pretty much every day for the last week and a half. So we don’t know if she’s done yet. Today was number. But we are going to be posting pictures of our cute little ducklings this spring on Kamri’s Instagram account, which is tell them. KamriNoelM. KamriNoelM. So if you want to check her out, you can go click the link in the description box, to find her Instagram account. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. Bye. OK. So now, I’m going to finish braiding it all the way down to the end, and then I’m going rubberband it. See. I told you, guys. There is the duck nest. But I don’t think there’s anymore. See, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, There are eggs now.

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