Rope Twisted Heart Hairstyles

Hi everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And Happy Valentine’s week. CGH# and I here. We’re going to teach you our last heart hairstyle, that we are calling rope twisted heart. Now somebody else you know is also in the Valentine spirit. Ta-da. Say hi, Brady. Look. We gave him red puppy ears, and red puppy paws this week for Valentine’s Day. And yes, it’s safe, and the groomer did it. No worries. It’s just for fun. But let’s get going, shall we? Yes. So to begin this hairstyle, you’re going to want to part your hair right smack dab in the middle. Tip your head back, please. We’re going to just part it all the way down. Do that again so you get a nice part line. OK. And when you have this all nicely parted, then I’m going to go ahead and wet her hair down, because I like doing this hairstyle just slightly damp.

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I’m just going to spray this with water excuse me to dampen her hair. You can do it dry if you like, but I just like it I think it’s a little bit easier to style if it’s little bit wet. OK. And then you’re going to use this part line to do your heart. So you’re going to want to start with the point, and go up and around, and create kind of a heart shape on her head. And you can use the end of the rat tail comb or the comb end, whichever one is easiest for you. We’re going to just create that heart shape. And when you like what you have, then go ahead and repeat it on the opposite side. So I went ahead and did the right side of the heart. And when I got that all finished, then I did the mirror image on the left side. And I’m just going to secure the whole heart right down here oops, elastic breakage right down here at the point of the heart. Like that. Now we are ready to go. So you have the heart. OK. Now we still have this middle part up here, and what we’re going to do is create rope twists that encircle the heart to kind of accent it. So I’m going to start on this right side. And again, I’m just going to add a little tiny bit of water because it’s starting to dry a little bit. And make sure her hair’s nice and kind of combed out. And before I start, I’m just going to split this right in half, and roughly her hair in half again, just so we kind of maintain that half and half. Perfect. There we go. OK. Go back up to the top. Pick up this hair, just right here at the very tip. And the whole idea is to kind of pull the hair away from the heart because we really the heart to stand out from the rest of the hair. We don’t want that hiding the heart. Now a rope twist is different from a regular twist only in that you twist the pieces themselves. So I’m going to take this piece and twist it to my right. And I’m going to take this piece and twist it also to my right. So they’re both to the right.

Now I’m going to take them and twist them over themselves to the left. And the first like two little twists are the hardest. After that, it’s really easy. So I’m going to add in hair right here, and I’m going to give it a little twist. And then I’m to go and to add hair to this back section. So you added hair to both pieces. And again, give it a little right hand twist, and then twist it over themselves, to the left. And like I said, the first two sections are the trickiest. After that, the hair kind of keeps itself twisted, and it becomes much easier. So you’ve got added hair again. Add in hair. And then, just before you twist it over itself, give it a nice, little right handed twist. And to the left. And you’re going to work your way, just kind of along the hairline, like this. You can see that’s just super twisting that up, really nice and tight. Add in a little more hair in the back. Give it a nice twist. Add in hair. Add in hair, give it a nice, little right hand twist. Cross them over each other. OK, when I get down here, like I said, I’m just going to split this pony tail in half, as well. And it becomes another strand to go into the twist. So on this last one, I’m going to use that as a strand, and just go ahead and twist it right again. And then I’m just going to continue twisting to the right and, working my way down. This is just a rope twist, all the way down. When you do the twist to the right and then twist it together to the left, it tightens the twist so that when you let go of it, it doesn’t unravel like a normal twist would. So we’re going to just work our way all the way down, as far as we can. And then I’ll add an elastic in the end, and you can see how it won’t unravel on itself. So take an elastic and watch when I let go.

It stays put, where normally a twist would be like (WHIRRING SOUND) unravel. So we’re going to go ahead and do the other side exactly the same, and then we’ll come back to this part of the hair. OK. When you get to this point, you can take the twists and go ahead and add an elastic here, and let them hang down, or you can let them loose, and make it a pony tail, with like a ribbon or a bow. I’m going to take the twists, and just twist them together like we were before. Just twisty, twisty, twisty, so it looks like one big, giant twist. And then I’m going to just take it up, and kind of make like a fancy bun right here on the back of her head. Tuck those ugly ends underneath. And then go ahead and use some spin pins or bobby pins to secure the bun in place. Tuck these ends under. That’s twisted. And then just use bobby pins to reinforce them if you need them. And you have this really pretty looking up-do that’s from a heart. Kind of fun. There you go. Ta-da. And we are finished. OK, let’s do the final spin. You can see the cute heart right there, and the nice bun. Now, be sure to check out our Valentine’s playlist for lots of other Valentine hairdos, and leave a comment below telling us which one is your favorite. And give us the thumbs up. And have a happy Valentine’s Day, guys. We’ll see you next week. Bye. Nobody’s even out there. Yeah, he’s Oh, you’re ferocious. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. You’re scary. Big, scary dog. Thank you.

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