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Hi guys I’m Abby from LA and I’m here with. Bailey from LA. Yay!Hey guys! And today we’re going to show you how to do the rope twisted updo. Now this is the style that Bailey wore in her hair for homecoming. [Bailey] To homecoming. It was snazzy. [Bailey] I’m glad. Yes. And everyone on Instragram asked for a tutorial so we’re filming it for you today. So when doing an updo or any style that you want a lot of volume and hold to, the very most important part is the. Prep. The prep, the prep of the hair, which we’ve already done. So if you guys would like to see me do a post just on how to prep up styles and fancier styles, give this post a thumbs-up so we know you’re interested and we will be sure to do that. Now as for Bailey, I’v already prepped her hair. You can see that I’ve slightly parted it off to one side and I have not done a very deep section right here. I want the large majority of her hair falling backwards towards the back of her head.

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And you can see the gorgeous lovely volume that we have back here, from our great prep. And I’m going to take my teasing comb and just right through this little section right here and just a tiny bit right here in the crown I’m going to give it a little bit more tease. Now when I have it teased and volumized to where I like it, I’m going to go up here and pick up a little section, and I’m going to twist this section: take that little front piece: towards the left. So I’m twisting left, which is towards the back of her head. Now I’m going to pick up a little secondary section, just right underneath it. Also going to be twisting it towards the left. So we’re basically creating a rope twist. We’re twisting them both to the left. And now I’m going to bring this front piece back over towards the right. And this is what I’m going to do, is just go back and pull, I want this very soft, very loose. We want it to look like an up style and be very, very soft. So now I’m going to go and add a little more hair in to this front twist and again I’m going to be twisting it to the left, towards the back of her head. And again to the left and then bringing this back piece up and over towards the front, and then again go back and loosen it all up; want it really soft, don’t want it harsh at all.

And I’m going to keep doing this. When I get right about here, you’re going to see Bailey’s hair is not very long, so it’s going to be increasingly difficult to keep adding hair in. All I’m looking for right here is just making sure we have plenty of volume up in this crown area, lots of softness and no hairs that are obviously sticking out like a mess. I’m going to keep adding in here. And I’m going to keep twisting and the twist is our friend here because the twist is going to help some of those little pieces get just a little more securely held into place. And then I am going to finish it out, just a couple more little twists and add an elastic. Don’t panic if it looks like a mess at this point because bobby pins are also our friends. I’m going to go back and just pin, so I like this half of her hair. And this will just be depending on your hair, where you want to pin and exactly like your twist. So I’ve added some bobby pins to secure it, this rope twist right here is still being held together with this little elastic. Now I’m going to leave this for a minute and go to this side of her head. Right here at the top I want to do a section by itself. So I’m going to take this and divide it in half and again I’m going to be twisting away from the face and then twisting the two pieces together, really softly, very loose. Again, don’t want it too tight. You can go back and always loosen up anything if you feel like it’s too tight for your taste too.

And again put an elastic in it. Leave that right here. Now I want to take this bottom piece: this section that we’re going to be working with: pull some by her ears for softness. Again divide it into two, twist it away from the face and back over each other and repeat the same thing that we just did. Once you have all your elements in place, you have your large twist on one side and your two small twists on the left side, I’m going to go back and just make sure this one’s nice and secure. We’re going to twist that end piece up and go ahead and bobby pin it and try to tuck it underneath where these twists will come so that we hide that elastic. OK, so we’ve taken these two: we want to make sure we tuck these in so they’re nice and hidden as much as possible. Take these two twists and we just kind of wrap them around each other a little bit; gather up the rest of the hair. Form it all into a nice little bun shape right here and pin OK, when you get to where you like it, be sure and give the crown a little more fluff and tug. Remember it’s supposed to look very romantic and tousled and just loose and free. And for Bailey she loved these little sparkles, so we just took them and twisted them: they’re like little sparkles on twisty’s: where ever I felt like she needed just a little pizazz. And the final spin. Lovely. Thank you guys so much for watching this post. If you like this hairstyle, give this post a thumbs-up. And if you want to see me wearing this hairstyle with the rest of my homecoming outfit, we just put up a post on our blog. The link will be in the description box below, so check that out and we’ll see you all next week, bye. Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here, and show us some love by clicking on the comment button.

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