Rosalie Braids Twilight Hairstyles

Hey everyone. So today we’re going to demo an Eclipse inspired hairdo. For those of you that have seen Eclipse, which I’m sure you all have by now, there is a fight scene where Rosalie has a really cute hair do, and as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to come home and try it. So here we go. So I have brushed her hair, and wet it down just a little bit, and then parted her hair on the left where her natural part line falls. So now I’m going to part from that part line on the left down to about her ear, and just take the hair, and I’m just going to braid it. So there were actually two hairdos from what I could see, but they were kind of the same hairdo, and I’ll explain that.

Rosalie Braids Twilight Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So I’m just braiding it. They were both cute, and I’ll show you both. Just got a little fly away. So I’m just going to braid this all the way down, and security it with a rubber band. Now I’m going to go back to the other side and do the same thing. I’m going to part from that main part to the left down to her ear, wet it down a little bit, and braid it. OK, so the first scene I noticed was when they’re practicing. Getting ready for the army to come of vampires. So this is the first one. You’re going to just braid it down again to the ends. Now, it was really quick, but from what I could see she had just left the two braids like this with her hair down.

Exactly like I’m about to do it. Her hair had a little more curl added in, but essentially the same thing. So you can just do this with the two braids coming down and loose that’s style one and then when they actually fought the vampires, she had her hair will you just hold those braids out of the way? Pulled over into a side ponytail with the braids. So we’re going to pull this over, and just add those braids in like so. Put another rubber band on, and giver her a cute side pony. Now, if you don’t like the braids hanging out you can just simply pull the elastics out at this point and let it loosen back up into a side ponytail. And you can do a looser side ponytail too if you need to. So that’s style number two. Now, another fun way to give it a little bit more finished look, in my opinion, is take your little TopsyTail tool and stick it under there. Get another piece of hair and add the little hair wrapped ending just to finish it off a little bit so that you don’t see the elastic. And then do the side pony, which is very cute. And there you go The Rosalie.

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