Rose Water And Grapeseed Oil Oily Acne Moisturizer Homemade

Several drops grapeseed oil small amount rose water (a few mists if using spray bottle, or a small palmful if applying by hand)

Apply a dab of oil on forehead, chin and cheeks. Then place rose water in a pump spray bottle.

And mist on face or splash it on face by hand. Massage face, working oil and water into skin.

Makes enough for 1 treatment.

Variations: Replace the rose water with an astringent or toner, such as Chamomile Lavender Delight or Grapefruit Mist. Replace the grapeseed oil with other oil of choice, such as calendula-infused oil (see Luscious Lotion 29) or the just-given Grapeseed Combination.

Blemish Potions.

These are strong cleansing formulas for drying out pimples and should be used with caution, as they could dry and irritate the skin.

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