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You hi everyone, I’m Karen. And this is my daughter Gracie, I won thanks for reading our blog my blog this blog is all about learning different hairstyles that this is your first time here we would love for you to comment in this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to create rosette braids. So let’s get started, I already went ahead.

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And section your hair in four parts from side of the temples all the way back. And from the middle all the way back like across, I’m going to start right here on the right side bottom section. And, I’m going to start off right here bisecting a piece off making three equal parts, I’m going to start with the right strand over the middle strand then the left strand over the middle strand then, I’m going to take a slice small slice.

And connect it with that left strand. And, I’m going to bring the right strand over bring the left strand over. And, I’m going to add another slice to the left strand not adding anything to the right strand again a slice.

And connect it with the left strand only just like a lace braid. And you’re going to complete this all the way down to these till you have no more hair to to add, I’m going to pull the outer strand of this braid out now, I’m on my last strand right here. And, I’m going to join that in now pull these out a little bit more.

And, I’m going to finish this off with a braid about two inches down. And I have it secured temporarily with a clip. And, I’m going to work on this side doing the same thing, I did put on this side okay.

I’m on the last strand here, I’m going to pull out three strands. And, I’m going to gather this one this the strand. And the strand these two braids together.

I’m going to let this clip go. And now, I’m going to unravel the braid right right to here, I’m going to put these two braids together these two braids together. And these two braids together will make three strands right here now, I’m going to just connect them by braiding them together as, I’m braiding, I’m just going to pancake out the sides okay, I’m going to secure this off.

And we’ll last a fan. And now you have this done now, I’m going to start off on this side here doing the same thing, I did with this, I’m going to do it over here last one, I’m going to continue all the way down to the end pancaking the outer strand this one right here. And notice that, I’m going in an angle towards the left as, I’m braiding okay.

So before, I pull all this through, I’m just going to take it. And pull it halfway through. And let it get secured right here with this.

I’m going to take this. And turn it making a flower you’re not to worry about that because you would know it’s hot in fashion you want the flower to sit right about here. And take bobby pins.

And secure them up okay that’s your first rosette braid now we’re going to continue doing it the same way we did here. And as, I braid it, I’m going to braid it all the way underneath this all the way over to the right, I’m on my last drive now, I’m just gonna finish it off in a break pulling these outside strands out okay. I’m at the very end, I’m going to secure it off the lesbian.

And then, I’m going to just make a little loop right here now this Timon is just turn it make the flower, I’m going to place a flower right underneath this one here, I’m going to secure it off with a bobby pin then you can just create it the way you like it, I use these you can get them at Walmart. And or Amazon either war. And put a right in the middle of the flower put some hairspray.

And then, I just put a little hair accessory to fit in just to cover the last bin there’s your finish style thank you. So much for taking the time to watch our blog let us know when you think about this style we would love to hear from you don’t forget to check out our latest tutorial right here please give us a thumbs up if you liked this post. And comment to link below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we love you guys. And until next time learn it do it. And teach each other you.

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