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Hey everyone. Where going to film rosette buns. We’ve had a lot of requests for these. It was a hairdo that we previously did on my blog but only with pictures. So today we’re going to add the post. I have just started by pulling her hair back into a ponytail and putting a rubber band into it. So once you get to that step I just parted it on the side. No big deal, you can part it in the middle if you want to. I’m going to divide the ponytail hair about one third up and in this section. You’re going to make this into two rosettes and this into three, so you want this one to have a little bit more hair. And I like to just wet it down a little just to keep those fly aways from sticking out too bad. OK, once you get to this, divide this hair in half as even as you can. You can just lay that to the side.

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And then I take and twist and then you just twist it around itself so it makes a cute little rosette. OK, hand me a rubber band. At this point on this top one you have two options. You can secure each one individually with rubber bands which is what I’m doing right here. Or you can just do both, you can have her hold this twist in place and do the second twist and then secure the top two together. Today we’re just going to do individual rubber bands. So you make a second rosette. Rubber band please. Secure with a rubber band. Just pull that hair so it kind of hides those little rubber band. OK, and on the bottom it’s going to be three pieces.

So just kind of divide as evenly as you can three pieces. Hang on to that one for me. And I start with the right one. Same thing, secure with a rubber band. OK, now from here I go to the left, so keep this middle piece and I go to the left one. Thank you. And on the middle one you’ll notice it’s getting a little squishy. So on this middle one if you need to let it hang down just a smidge and then form the rosette that’s OK. If you don’t like the way this is looking, like I don’t like that one, just untwist and re-twist it until it looks right. Thank you. Secure that last rubber band. And then you just kind of fiddle until you get the right look. And then you can add a little hairspray to just kind of help keep everything secured tightly and the fly aways down. And there you go.

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