Rosette Hairstyles 1 Half updo And 1 Updo

I thought I’d take a quick break in the middle of my prom series to do a date night hair tutorial with a casual look and a more dressy look I just thought that would be nice for those of you guys who might not have prom or want a less prom a look for prom I’ll also doing this as a collaboration with sparkly Barbie and Nikki Phillippi who did the fashion and the makeup or as these looks let’s get started with this casual style which is inspired by Road arts fall runway show you’re gonna start by taking this section from the front and braiding it back you want to braid this back as loosely and kind of messily as possible you can see me going through and messing this up it’s just not supposed to look perfect. So pull it apart make it loose do whatever you need to and then do the exact same thing on the other side of your part then join the two in the back with a small hair elastic and then we’re gonna make that little bun by selecting one of the braids and you’re gonna start winding it up at the end and then just continue winding it up until it’s made a little bun and then go ahead and pin it in place right on top of that hair elastic.

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So that you can hide the elastic. So no one can see it then go ahead and take out the bottom elastic and get the end of your hair just a little bit of tease that will hold the braid in place and you won’t have to have a hair tie but if you don’t like teasing or you don’t like the look of it without a hair tie you can always leave the hair tie there and that’s it now this hairstyle was requested a lot it’s kind of like a rose bun and it’s a lot easier than you think you’re gonna start off by making a little bump you don’t have to if you don’t want to I think it’s just nice to have some volume to offset the kind of voluminous bun that we’re gonna make. So if you want that volume go ahead and tease and then smooth it down gather it together and pin it in place in the back to make your little bump now we’re gonna section the hair into three pieces first you’re gonna take the hair that’s just behind the ear forward on the side that your hair is parted on. So the side that has more hair and clip that in place to hold it there then we’re gonna create two ponytails you’re gonna go ahead and split the hair in the back in half make sure that it looks pretty while you’re pulling it back. So doesn’t get all crazy from the front and then go ahead and put that first one in a ponytail then you’re gonna put the remaining hair in a ponytail and we’re gonna go ahead and make our bun from these. So go ahead and brush out the top ponytail to get it all nice and smooth and then curl the entire section and hopefully get that entire section on your curling iron that’s a little bit of a beauty bloggers fail there but you’re just gonna take that and place it against your head right over that first elastic and if you have any crazy little layers that are sticking out like.

I do just take your hand and smooth them around. So that they all go in the same direction and then pin the bottom of that to hold it in place and actually just pinning the bottom will help to hold the whole thing. So that the top can hang nicely and densely then you’re going to go ahead and repeat the same thing with the next section of hair you’re going to brush it. So that it’s all smooth then go ahead and wrap it around the curling iron once you’ve got that whole section heated up just kind of let it cool a little tiny bit and then you’re gonna wrap it around the outside of what we just did. So we kind of created the center of the rose and now we’re creating some of the petals kind of. So you’re gonna go ahead and wrap it around the outside and you can see I’ll doing this kind of daintily just to make sure I get it all right and then once I have it where I want it you’re just gonna go ahead and pin it in place and again we can just pin the bottom of it and then we’ll secure the entire section. So that the top can hang nicely and gently and that creates that pretty rose but look cuz if you pin at the top of it you kind of ruin the shape. So you just want to make sure that you are shaping it to where you want it and then pinning like the bottom half instead of getting the top of it’s basically the same thing you would do with a bun anyway not that much different and now we’re going to do the exact same thing with this final section.

So go ahead and curl it with the little curling iron basically all you want to do is just heat it up a little bit. So you can get some Ben to the hair if you really hate heat you can try it without it might work just fine for you it just kind of helps to have a little bit of Bend in the hair it makes it a little bit easier. So you’re gonna drink that last section over the top and pin it in place as you’re going and then continue to wrap it around your hair doesn’t have to be as long as – if you only get to like the bottom of the bun or just the outside that’s fine just pin the ends. So that they’re kind of hidden out of the way for me my ends actually hide just underneath the hair that we pulled over which is kind of nice but whatever you need to do just kind of pin them under the bottom no matter how long your hair is it’ll work and then if you have any little side bangs you can pin them out of the way if you like or leave them down or you can leave down normal bangs that you have those. So that’s it and here are the links for the other posts in this collaboration we have Nikki Phillippi as dressy and casual day outfits and she did such a cute fantastic job and then right after her clip is sparkly Barbie and you can click on that for her makeup tutorials on a natural kind of casual date look and then a more dressy date look hope you guys check them out and I will see you guys in my next post with some prom half-up half-down hear sales yay alright I’ll see you then.

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