Envisioned by Dante Donegani and Giovannni Lauda, LaDiva is an LED lamp with an integrated music system that can play tracks from smartphones, tablets and laptops via Bluetooth, AUX and USB cable. It even has inbuilt FM Radio and houses four speakers in the anodised, screen printed body. Press a button and an arm will rise to shed light on the area where it is kept.


ROTALIANA Photo Gallery

We looked at the car; it was much shorter than it was when we had got into it. It looked shredded. It’s my dad’s car said the South African. We commiserated. The police arrived. The South African sat on the grass and wept. We patted his shoulder. The police took him away in the back of a car. The police took us back to our ship in the back of a van. We were deposited at the dock gate, our dreams of greater adventure unrequited.

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