Rudolph Hairstyle

Rudolph Hairstyle

Hi guys for those who don’t know us my name is Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi everyone welcome to our blog my blog now this blog is all about learning new different hairstyles if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment. And if you’re already a commentr we thank you. And we love you.

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So much for your support here’s another Christmas being hairstyle for you to try this rough style is so cute. And fun you’ll be sure to write people’s day.

So let’s get started, I already went ahead. And put her hair in a ponytail you’re gonna need one of these by maker you want to put it right through the ponytail, I’m just gonna go ahead. And secure it off a little bit tape this ponytail look forward evenly distribute it all around the bun smooth out the hair.

So now you’re going to take a hair tie, I’ll bring it right over this bun here. So now you’re gonna go ahead then divide it in half. And bring it back away from her face okay.

So now you want split her hair down the middle. And you want to create two braids one on each side alright now, I have created two braids take this braid. And just wrap it around this bun here then start pinning that up go ahead.

And wrap it on the opposite side then just start pinning it in place okay. So now that you have this wrapped all around you’re going to take this braid on the outside you’re going to just look at it pick the section of braid then you want to make the ears you want to take this part right here tug very easy up a little bit just. So that you can make it look like little ears see we do the same thing over here.

So if you like the way the ear is coming out you go ahead. And do the next step, I already went ahead. And made antlers out of these pipe cleaners.

I want to take this, I’m going to take the bobby pin stick it right through. And, I’m just going to stick your bobby pin right in front of right in front of her one ear just like that you know, I do the same thing with the other handler let’s take it right here in front of this ear now, I have the nose all right, I went ahead. And just block pom-poms.

And then hot glued it it’s nice to get right here okay. So now, I’m just gonna put the eyes, I made this to stick it right in. And there you go little hairspray just to make sure that the by ways for now let’s do a spin thank you.

So much for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And find value in it. And there’s a stab that you’d like us to recreate leave a comment down below don’t forget to give a thumbs up.

And click the logo but, I’ll say though is any of our upcoming tutorials to check out more of our tutorials click on over there. And there love you guys until next time learn it do it. And teacher banners bye guys.

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