Rules On Rolling Shirt Sleeves When Men Should Roll Sleeves Up Male Style Fashion Advice

Rules On Rolling Shirt Sleeves When Men Should Roll Sleeves Up Male Style Fashion Advice Hi, I’m Carl Centeno. The founder of “Real Men, Real style” and today I’m going to be talking about when is it appropriate for a gentleman to roll up his sleeve. All right if you have it already, make sure to comment our You Tube my blog by doing that, this posts will come right to you.

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In addition if you like the post just click on the like right below and if you want to learn more follow the link down below. I always link it to an article which is useful and is going to help you further understand what we’re talking about here. Okay this is a question that came in really short one. Sir, when is it appropriate for a gentleman to roll up his sleeves especially when wearing a tie? All right, I can think of two occasions in which is appropriate for a gentleman to roll up his sleeves. The first one is when he wants to prevent them from being damage to or getting dirty. So if you are to be working with your hands. If you were you know yes the expression rolling up your sleeves and getting to work then that is a you know perfect legitimate reason to roll them up. So if you’re going to be you know moving office equipments or anything that could tear that could get them dirty well that is inappropriate occasion. And you don’t even have to take off your tie. The other occasion is that you want to send the signal that you are off of work or perhaps you are the boss and you want to say hey guys it’s time to relax. And then in that case you’re not just going to roll up your sleeves but you’re also going to loosen your tie. Take your jacket off.

A great example of this is looking at the president. So whenever they had the – I think it was at the beer summit. We had you know well I could get – that’s the whole another subject. Basically you had Obama, you had the vice president, you had a police officer who had arrested you know a professor. And there was definitely a bit of raised tension here and if you look at the picture of those guys sitting around having a beer, you can tell that the president is trying to send the signal whenever one knows he’s in charge. But to – he send his signal that hey let’s relax, let’s enjoy. He doesn’t have a jacket on and he really took a more laid back approach to it. Of course the police officer gentleman I felt bad I can’t remember his name but he did not you know he still had his suit. He was still obviously he’s in the presence of the president. And he was I think what most of us would do is continue to show respect to the office and it is something that he kept his jacket on. But you look how the president, he was really – he knew he was in that position. He was been wanting to send us that signal and you know it’s okay to be look more casual that we’re all – we’re four men here, let’s talk.

So again two occasions, we you’re doing physical work or when you want to send a signal that “hey I’m off of work and it’s time to relax.” And again take the tie off and in fact take the jacket off as well. So hopefully that answers your question, when to roll up your sleeves. You know I assumed you meant the short sleeves by the way. When to roll up your jacket sleeves? Unless you got a working jacket with that you know the buttons. You know you might as well take the jacket off. I don’t really – with my jacket I can actually do that and in case you’re wondering you know why it even you know has this supposedly. It was for the exact reason about you could roll up your entire sleeve if you want to do some work. So there was a time whenever gentlemen this is probably I believe kind of dates back probably the 17th, 18th century in which you will have a gentleman officer soldier and he would let’s say have to deal with a wounded man. And he would just roll up his sleeves and in that case he’s not can get blood and all the other stuff all over his body. But okay a little bit of random to know the history that there’s one day add something in there. And in any case guys, this is Carl Centeno with “Real Men, Real Style”.

If you want to learn more about men’s wear history, about how to dress with you know a bit of style is all I could say. Visit us over at “Real Men, Real Style” I’d love to see you. Take care. Ba bye.

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