Runway Inspired Feminine Bun And Sleek Hair

I thought I would start this little mini series on my my blog doing some adaption of spring runway on hair because I’ve been looking through all the different runway shows and I was just really inspired by a lot of them. So I thought I was should do some tutorials on it today we’re doing Carolina Herrera and chanel they both had these slicked back hair styles dead then had these kind of organic ones in the back that were a tad bit Messier and then in some kind of inconvenient shapes. So today I did one that’s kind of a figure eight I really lucky because it’s nice and feminine and put together is very office worthy if you wanted to wear it there it could also be a formal hairstyle depending on the dress that you’re wearing if you want to make this a little bit less statement EU can make this part right here less slick because.

Runway Inspired Feminine Bun And Sleek Hair Photo Gallery

I understand the whole slick thing can be hard to pull off sometimes but I really do like it I like that it’s feminine and that is very wearable and very easy. So I hope you guys like it if you have any spring runway shows that you love the hair from let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out and see if I can include them in my series alright I will see you guys in the next post I first you’re going to create a side part you can do a middle part if you want but I find side parts are just generally more flattering. So that’s what I went for and then you’re gonna brush the rest of your hair up into a ponytail at the crown of your head I used to come to make it super slicked back and obviously I’ll using a lot of hairspray and to get that really nice slicked back look I think hairspray and combs are basically the key to getting that once you have that you want to secure it with a band and then you’re going to tease the hair in sections I’ll just using a little teasing comb and I took one section and I’ve just been going through the back of it. So that the front would stay kind of undies then I just got the middle section.

I teased the back of that quite a bit going up the hair shaft and making sure that it was nice and taken care of and then for this bottom section I actually tease the top of it just. So that it would be easier to hide the teasing once I was done then I went ahead and I smoothed it down with a calm now you’re only gonna get. So much smoothest from this. So if you want a smoother looking bun that I had then just get the teasing all together I like the messiness but not everybody does then grab the hair right past the teasing that we just did and twist the rest of it I posted mine to the right then what you’re going to do is take the twist down below the band and push up and that creates your first little loop put one hand over it hold the twisting section and the bun in place and use your other hand to bobby pin that hair into place just like. So and then you want to make sure that you pin right next to your fingers where you’re holding that here because we’re going to start twisting again you don’t want to lose all the work that you just did. So now you’re going to I seeing the hair in the same direction we just did if your hair is really slippery give a little hairspray and I’ll make it. So much easier then place one finger right underneath that first button loop your hair around it just like. So and hold it in place and pin it there. So you see it’s pretty easy you just push up and you create one loop in the new twist your hair on the finger and you create another loop make sure you pin in any flyaways or the tail end and that’s it you’re done you.

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