RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Top 4 Queens LIVE!

Morning morning okay. So we have to talk about that reunion last week Oh what the actual bleep what was it like reading it back what was it like posting it what are your thoughts well for starters they put us in some uncomfortable chairs for a long amount of time. So even if we didn’t have any drama on set there was definitely we were definitely bound to get pissed off at something. Yeah the horse, and drama in your tack. Yeah bury that. Yeah oh well I got a nice little surprise at the end of them. Yeah I did not expect I mean it was like a therapy session it sure was it was emotional it was heated. Yeah did you expect that it was going to be that way going in I think we knew that it was gonna be like that, and we had a few surprises, and bumps along the way.

But right that was our opportunity to you know hash everything out, and get everything out that you know we didn’t get a chance to do on the show of course yeah. So I’m gonna make it that far. Yeah I’m all for me I mean I just tried to stay chill really I really enjoyed it honestly all the girls coming together, it’s really fun that like we get to come together for that moment it was nice to be together. So there was a part of it that was actually fun, and really nice to be a part of I thought, and the drama is what it is right we’re all drag queens a bit okay anyway I got too much to say Asia um it was definitely intense it was intense Yuriko thoughts on vixen. Yeah I mean my thoughts on vixen always stay platonic honestly via her request I try not to have her name of my mouth, and I try to just kind of leave her at her own will, and I think that’s kind of where we see it you know I wish her the best of luck ya know now that we’re a few days after the rain, and thoughts on vixen leaving mm-hmm I think all of us were a little disappointed well.

Yeah I think I can speak we’re a little disappointed just. Because we wish the vixen has a really great message whether some people understand it or not. Yeah is you know what that is right. But I think we just wish that she would have had more of an opportunity to be able to try to say what she was trying to say or at least like hang in there, and you just like try to sit it. Yeah absolutely. Yeah I think that as our fandom grows, and obviously we are drag queens, and they love some good drama it makes for great TV, and obviously the Vixen made amazing TV. So I just wished that she would have been able to get her message across better, and the way she wanted, and would have been able to stay with us. Yeah Asia thoughts on hashing that with Miss cracker um you know we the thing about the reunion is we’ve had months, and months since you know the posting to kind of hash it out.

So it was like you know revisiting something that we had spoken about before the parts it was great to be able to do that for everyone. Yeah definitely, and Cameron did you feel a little ganged up I did you know I didn’t expect it, and you know I I’m not clearly not the most social of all the girls, and like like Asia said we’ve had like months, and months, and months to get to know each other after the show right. So I think just being being back in that environment, it’s like you know this is six to seven eight months later, and I think the girls cannot took it back to being in that environment I was really shy, and reserved, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of them outside the show. So. Yeah I felt like it came out of nowhere. But you know we’re fine we’re good I’ve talked about to them, and we’re moving forwards okay good I actually love what I just said I think it’s so important to say the Iranian literally is a giant revisit, and it brings up all these feelings that were either already talked about or hashed out or at least we tried to move past. So, it’s like oh let’s just bring up all these about that it makes for an interesting day that’s right you guys post the show months ago how hard was it to keep a secret that you guys were the top four mm-hmm we’re not hard at all we still have a lot of incentive to keep the secret like money in a crowd, and some free makeup right I sitting almost in front of us. So I think that was enough to shut the fuck up why a girl god no I love to talk.

So it was real hard for me well we have I don’t know that you came here. But we have a group message to like where the for a chap just. So that, it’s easier for us to communicate about a lot of events, and stuff that we had to specifically do right we also have a group chat with the whole cast to weather stays connected. Yeah Asia it was very easy for me I come from a place where like people didn’t even speculate that I was in the competition. So um like when it aired I don’t know there was never like oh my god how far did you make it they were just like great you’re gonna build television work when, it’s cuz I just. So fierce where she’s from they’re all like what clearly she ran it to the end she’s like the iconic pageant queen, and not to pretty much make it cliche. But getting on the show is such an accomplishment in, and of itself absolutely. So you’re there with these 12 incredible Queens, and you’re done I’m sorry I’m 14, and to done. Yeah Batman G was a judge man jeez you guys have a favorite look that you did in the season I would have to definitely say that I think everyone’s favorite look of mine was the feather gown it is snow on the clearly, it’s the one I cost you the most money yeah, and it just sucks cuz a lot of my good looks happened we have no control over like when they have all mine got pushed in the beginning. So car look like I like fell down the stairs towards the end of the finale down. But the feather look was my friend.

Yeah I felt exactly the same oh just about the whole writing I think I felt like all five bigger stuff was the beginning of the season really, and then by the time I got to the end of the season we’d only get. So many bags and. So many pounds per bag. So, and I’m also bigger, and to make things couture, it’s like a big government. So I started running out of drag towards the end of the season guys like crowds grasping at straws to make it to challenge over my favorite book you had was the Eureka at the end oh thank you with nice Capri length gown I think my favorite was my mermaid look. Yeah my friend kiss design or you know did all the drip pieces, and it was just like a labor of love, and as she Eureka was saying we could only have. So many things in our suitcase like, and that one was, and on top of that it better be worth it. Because I’m leaving some stuff behind now oh really cause I remember literally you were trying you were setting up on the stairs trying to get that tail on oh. Yeah hello hello walks down the stairs I had to like get on the stairs have like five handlers to try to snug me into it I was like why are you struggling girl, it’s just like my, and she was like no feel, and I tried to pick out it was like at least 25 to 30 pounds. But aja I loved you’re a good person bad person did you have that planned out beforehand or was that like, and in the moment thing. Because I feel like you came up with that last minute, and it was. So sickening no it no it wasn’t planned it was like I did this story first, and I was like okay well what can I wear that represents those two parts of right. Yeah well you have a lot of beautiful drag over there on your rags oh.

Yeah all these rhinestones, and feathers of this bitch okay Tweety Bird my favorite I was gonna say the favorite look you did a she was literally I had to be the dandelion for many think it was her that day when she walk around the corners oh. Yeah like not flawless we were like at least there’s gonna be big, and then it was flawless right right. So let’s talk about some of the Queens that aren’t here right that’s not fine – all right let’s go down the list we’re all good love the Queens from Season ten that art here I’m the closest with I’m gonna exchange an exchange um I would say the ones that aren’t here I would say probably cracker. Yeah um four we probably miss the MGR cracker or calories probably top for you, and for me money exchange when I exchange. Yeah she’s a good okay she’s a good girl the Queens that here I learned the most from oh not here. Yeah okay crabby hurtin go ahead sorry vixen well hopefully curl well I think just all throughout the whole competition there was a lot of me learning about myself me learning about the world me learning just like stuff I mean learning about drag yeah, and I think the vixen was one of the people who like really got me in the right headspace to like crowd. Yeah Cameron cracker are you know she taught me a few fun tricks on the show yeah, and then you know we had the episode that iconic moments, and you know her, and I knew it was coming, and it was something we had to prepare for. So.

Yeah we had we had to deal with that together which we which we did we were actually at Roscoe’s in Chicago the day that it was supposed to happen. But that was a break in the in or the airing of the episode right. So got to a moment together, and it was really nice to do that Eureka um from anyone that’s not here with us right now. Yeah for me I think I learned a lot from calorie Kardashian it was nice to see like it was almost like being around like a younger version of yourself right right I’m she was a little bit more fresh, and drag than I am. So I’m being a little more seasoned I learned a lot from her like seeing her energy, and her excitement it just it reminded me again like why I started to do drag. So I felt like really close to calorie where i’m lanie. Because of that yeah, and for me it will be the Vixen oh. Yeah why is that um she like she I think for a lot of us was a constant reminder of what good could come out of the competition there was a time when we were kind of all sitting outside, and we were all you know beaten down, and stressed, and tired, and depressed, and she walked over to us, and she was like you guys were on the top of the world we should smile. Yeah everybody’s like. Yeah it would be like we’re all famous girl.

Yeah she do that a few times it was sweet all right who deserves a shot at all stars for the Vixen I think the Vexin I think Lynnae I think that was. So great about reading it you couldn’t tell who would make the top floor. Because everyone was such a star it was just sort of process of elimination who played the competition the best. Yeah not that you guys don’t deserve to be here. But you were surrounded by a lot of great yeah. So of people not here who would you grab the crown two girls not here right now I won’t miss Angie I guess right yes she one option he Vangie. Yeah exactly. Yeah yeah I would say her as well just. Because you can see like the the premiere the premiere, and the finale, and all the looks that she’s turning I’m like. Yeah she is. Yeah yeah he only got the show one look on the show he wasn’t even hurt right. Because it was something she had to make she didn’t to show any of her drag on that season Wow yeah. So how certain are we over the winter what can we expect from the finale I know someone’s going someone’s going to Webster I I’m hoping.

Yeah I mean RuPaul wins every season girl look at her I don’t know she does the true winter livers yeah, and aside from who’s gonna get the crown what can we expect from the finale overall oh good show Oh fabulous gowns the girls came dressed to kill oh it doesn’t matter if you went home first or our stains on the Final Four all these guys looked beyond talking shit about their silly drag on the show tune into the finale on yes that is gonna be the ex are you guys excited anxious all the feelings yeah, and then none of them at all, it’s like. Yeah I mean I think I’m excited, and anxious for me it feels like, it’s I’ve waited. So long. Yeah come to a close. Because , it’s already something for everyone beyond early, and then for you you’re like yeah, it’s like two, and a half years later, and okay. But, it’s also kind of emotional for me I’ve been very emotional this week.

Because I’m just like wow, it’s really like coming to its close like what’s the next step you know right we all want to win right desperately. So there’s also like that that sets on your chest you’re like please there gobbly is there God also at the same time, it’s like you want to celebrate whoever does even if you were yeah, and it’s just, it’s crazy coming to a close that’s crazy. Yeah we’ve been through a lot you know, it’s it’s exciting like, it’s been such a long road right. So to like know that, it’s finally like everybody came in after Thursday take a deep breath, and be like. Yeah right. So that was a relief. But then come next Thursday we’re gonna be mad that there’s not another. Yeah that’s all well thank you guys. So much for coming coming what’s next for you guys after Thursday a whole lot of gigs I could play a gig gig gig. Yeah we are touring it up in the next couple of months. So stay tuned to our website. Yeah I’m sure you guys will be fabulous, and link those below absolutely. But check that out I’ve got a song coming out very very very soon great.

So we have a song coming out, and also I’m working on a one-woman show called phhtt pretty hot, and tasty nice, it’s like a comedy. But also emotional experience being a bigger person in the world, and how to find self love, and then ideally want to be on Saturday Night Live. So commies ethical that’s the goal oh hey Lorne Michaels called oh come on Asia as most people know I’m working on a non-profit organization that should be ready to go August 15 okay where she would be. Yeah I think after my winning episode, and and then after the final four episode people are expecting me to do music. So I am working on that. But I am taking my you were saying after me winning the share challenge, and the final four people expect me to be music, and I am I’m taking my time. Because I’m a perfectionist I wanted to be a wait if. Yeah well it’ll be worth it. Yeah we work the wars congratulations to you all you’re all. So lovely, and I wish you nothing. But the best I love you. Yeah this was one crazy-ass episode of the view you guys.

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