My parents would have never let me cut my hair. This is the first time I’ve ever like accidentally stolen something, and I feel horrible.Hey guys, welcome to another episode of [Both] Behind the Braids. And in this week’s episode, we have some exciting stuff. Oh, yeah. Rylan obviously, you can tell, chopped her hair off. About a foot of it. Yeah, so we have a ton of that in this vlog, and we also took a trip to Houston with me, and Bailey, and my mom and –. Yeah. Which was a ton of fun. Amy was there as well. It was like a girls weekend at Houston. Paisley lost a tooth. There’s tons of exciting stuff in this vlog. But before we get on to posts, y’all, you can check out my mom’s fab or fail posts by clicking on the link in the subscription box below or the information buttons right up there.

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It’s basically where she tries a bunch of products where you guys wonder if it really works or if it doesn’t. They’re so funny. Or it doesn’t, they can test it out, figure it out so you can watch those posts now, let’s get onto our post. (shouting and dogs yapping) I knew it I knew it I knew it, I called it like three days ago (shouting and dogs yapping) I guessed it, I guessed it. I knew it. What? I knew it, I knew it I literally said a person, I knew it was gonna be you. I knew it. To be fair, I was the one that got it right. I was the first one that even guessed. No we knew it. We guessed earlier. We literally guessed it as we got off the crew’s camera, he was like “what if Carly and Preston “just showed up for my birthday?” It was me. It was me. I was like “What if it’s Carly and Preston?” Hi Guys! It’s Brooklyn and today I’m in the mall and I am getting my ear finally re-pierced after my surgery. I’m super excited. We’re doing it at Claire’s because that’s the only place I could think of that I can get my ear re-pierced at, so I’m gonna pick out a new pair of earrings and I’m really excited. I’m actually not nervous for it. I think it’ll be fine. So, I’ll vlog it for y’all. Carly, you wanna hold my hand? Yeah I got ya. Yeah, that looks good. I know, I’m so cold. She gets cold when she’s nervous. I get cold when I’m nervous. Deep breath, deep breathe, deep breathe, deep breathe. (clicking sound) That didn’t even hurt! [Claire’s Lady] Alright, you wanna stick this other one in there now? Yeah, thank you. Wooo!! All done. Guys! I’m back to my normal self. I finally have my ears re-pierced and I did it myself because I’m and I’m an adult. Wooo! And I can pierce my own ears. So guys, we have a little bit of a problem. Brooklyn stole. I did not steal. I forgot to pay for my ears pierced. I just, she just said “bye” and so I walked out of the store and I didn’t think about it and I didn’t pay for it. I feel like the worst person ever so we’re going back to Claire’s so I can pay for getting my ears pierced but this is the first time I’ve ever accidentally stolen something and I feel, I feel horrible. Heh, Preston’s laughing at me.

I think it’s funny. I feel so bad. So we found this treat called Dragon’s Breath, which is basically like this Nitrogen-based candy of some sort that you put in your mouth and you breathe it out and it’s like, smoking, so we’re gonna try it and see if it tastes good. Hopefully it doesn’t burn our mouths. They have a big warning sign. I’m excited. It’ll be exciting! We’ll show you what it’s like. It’s like smoking, can you see it? Okay ready? Yeah. I’m scared. I’m scared. Whoa. Oh my god. (Brooklyn laughs) It’s like freezing my hand. It’s cold! Tell me when you’re ready. Go! Oh! Okay guys so for my Christmas present this year, from Santa, it was a haircut, which sounds weird but my parents would’ve never let me cut my hair, so I was super happy that I was finally allowed to get my hair cut. I’m cutting it to about my shoulders and I think we’re gonna get it dyed with some highlights or something, but I’m super, super excited. We’re on our way right now. I’ve been waiting for like a week because I just want to get my hair off. I’ll probably end up donating it because It’s pretty long. Starting to work through that ponytail Rylan. These are razor sharp scissors. They’re the sharpest that you can get. There it is, Ry. (camera shutter click) What, What?! (Paisley giggling) What happened? My tooth fell out. You pulled out your. Show us your new smile. Smile! You got a big hole in your mouth. Oh my gosh! You’re not my baby anymore. What! Well, without that tooth your not a baby anymore. You’re like a big kid. This, this tooth is like. Oh my goodness. Well, let’s see if the tooth fairy comes, huh? Look, look on the inside. Yeah, I know. It’s a big old hole. There’s Buc-ee’s. Yay. Are you guys excited? [Both] Woo! I love Buc-ee’s. It’s like Walmart in a gas station. It has the best. It’s huge..food. And it’s amazing. Made it. (shutter click)

We are here in Buc-ee’s and I don’t even know what I wanna eat. I don’t know what I want. I’m like searching to find something that I want and I-, there’s so many options, I’m like. Ah, how do we pick, how do we decide? We’ll find something eventually. While Brooklyn and Bailey are taking pictures with fans. I’m doing normal mom things, which is hold everything. Ooh! Oh no! We have a casualty and Brooklyn is back to save the day. It broke. But it broke. Oh no. Well we’re gonna have to by this one now. While Abby is still holding all the things, though. (shutter click) We’ve got our road trip snacks. We got way more than we really needed. Yes we did. What’d ya get? Um, A sandwich, some caramelized cashews, and some chocolate. Yum. And a drink. What about back here? Food! I got chicken tenders, chocolate covered pretzels, and a Propel. Yum, and Bailey? I got a Propel, chicken nugget thingies, and some Nutter butters. Yum. This is what happens when you have five women in a room trying to decide what to eat for dinner. Which basically translates to nobody can make any decisions and so we’re just not eating even though we’re all starving. We have finally come to the decision to try State Fair What’s it called? State Fair Restaurant. oh Kitchen and Bar. Amy assures us it’s going to be delicious, so if it’s not, it’s on her. We can go to Cheesecake Factory. (all laughing) And the twins are wondering when we’re gonna get the Uber, because it’s. miles away. No, I said it’s cold outside and I didn’t wanna walk there, because it cold. For the record, the restaurant ended up being delicious.

We all loved the food. Bailey, what’d you think? Oh my gosh. My salmon like melted in my mouth. It was very good. Delicioso! They totally came to the table and like, dumped my broth on my soup in front of me. It was really cool, so good pick Amy. Good pick!Hey Bailey, I think you need some pillows. Minecraft, No. a lion, A shark? A swan? Oh, oh Yogi the Bear. Oh my gosh, they have a lot of pillows. If I stop walking, they stop walking. If i keep walking, they keep walking. Let’s watch.

Why are you filming us. What’s going on? I said if I stop walking, they stop walking. If I walk, they walk. That’s how it works mom! I just proved my point! My face is literally.

Are you cold? Yes! This blocks the wind. We’ve been out here for like two minutes, too. Amy and the girls wanted to take an Uber from there, to there. Thank you guys so much for watching. You can comment below if you think Rylan’s haircut is awesome. I love it. I do. I think it looks so good on her. I feel like it fits me way better than long hair does. Yeah that’s true. Guys, don’t forget to comment. Click that flower button! If you guys wanna see more Cute Girl’s Hairstyle posts, click the box right over here and if you wanna see the fab or fails I talked about earlier, which are super awesome, click the box right below that. Thank y’all for watching and we’ll see you next week! [Both] Bye! (gestures a kiss).

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