Having a week off from the gym at Christmas is no bad thing. It allows muscles to repair and recover and, when you go back, you’ll find your workout feels more productive. Also, all that fighting your way through crowds to do gift and food shopping is exercise – as is cleaning the house from top to bottom to please your judgemental mother-in-law!

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I was down in the locker coiling the 8-inch mooring ropes that Gus fed down the hatch. It was easy to start with, but by the time the fourth rope was in place, my arms and shoulders were heavy and aching. The bosun came to tell us to stand down as we were finishing the eighth and final rope. I clambered out of the rope locker and we both fell on the deck with exhaustion; I could hardly move my arms. The bosun gave us each a cold beer and we sat on the bits and watched the highway of the wake stretching out behind us while we recovered. Gus went off to the crew mess and returned with a couple more beers, then he brought out an enormous cannabis joint. It seemed rude to refuse his offer to share, so we finished the monster together. Life slowly loosened for me and all problems and worries disappeared. Gus went inside and returned with more cans of beer, which were warm. He rolled a second joint.

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