As we get older, the skin on our face starts to get thinner and drier. It needs extra protection and lots of moisturizing cream, especially in the cold winter months. Avoid harsh toners, and replenish lost hydration with a firming face cream.


We both smiled. Neither of us had been looking forward to sharing with the other. None of us knew the ship would have an extra officer’s cabin. I went to share my good news with John and Barry; they looked stricken with jealousy at me having my own cabin for the trip. I tried to look blase about the whole thing and went to unpack. LJ Wilson was a pompous man, although a good chief officer. He was short and stout with many mismatched bits. He had a large dome of a head, pallid and almost bald, with wisps of blonde hair clinging to the edges. He had minute ears and bug eyes. His feet were tiny, almost dainty, although his hands were huge, like great hams.

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