Drift-Light’s three modes of radiance can be controlled via a button. For Daylight mode, power it on for consistent and constant brightness. Flip the button twice to activate Midnight setting where the glow fades in 37 mins, mimicking sunset. Flick the switch thrice for Moonlight and it will gradually dim to a soft night light. Website:

SAFFRON Photo Gallery

I preferred the first showing as it was mainly younger junior officers and was more fun, more raucous. When I was the projectionist, I would get the film started at 4.30 p.m. on the dot, regardless of whether or not everyone had arrived. The first ten minutes of every film was broken up with the latecomers barging in, swearing and complaining because we hadn’t waited, demanding we start again and cursing when we wouldn’t, clattering around behind the bar to get their drink and then taking a deliberate slow walk in front of the screen to their seat, to the accompaniment of hoots of protest from the rest of us. For the inside showings, which was most of them, we had a purpose-built pull-down screen, which gave a better surface for the image than the sheet. Sometimes it jammed though, and we had to tack the sheet up. There was a constant buzz of conversation throughout the film, interspersed by everyone telling each other to keep quiet. The hiss and crack of beer cans being opened was continual.

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