Blub – Vide Poche is a container in ceramic or aluminium that easily screws onto a wooden base. The young Bengaluru based designer’s appreciation for Japanese and Scandinavian sensibilities are evident in this serveware.


SAIF FAISAL Photo Gallery

 Two sailors swung out a small derrick and lowered a net to take our bags, which they hauled up to land on the deck. The bags arrived before we did. Eventually, the agent arrived at the top, mounted the rails and flopped on the deck where he sat for a few minutes to recover. The H-class Horomaya was quite a bit smaller than the two V-class ships I had sailed on, although it was essentially the same three-castle layout – as were most tankers built in the 1950s: a raised fore-deck, then the foc’sle, the midships accommodation and stores block at the midpoint of the ship, and finally the bigger accommodation block at the after end, sweepingly known as ‘aft’, where the galley, the crew quarters, the engineers quarters, most of the stores and the entrance into the engine room were. The ship seemed well cared for and had been freshly painted. We carried our bags across the gleaming forest green deck to midships, to seek out our cabin. There were in fact two double cabins for cadets and we were the only ones, which gave us a cabin each. That was a good start. We dropped off our kit then went up to see the Old Man and sign on. The crew weren’t so much a bad crew – they were just badly run.

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