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Cafe Society US

131 Cypress St, Brookline; (617)738-7186

Like so many vintage shops, the woman behind the counter here is the one who owns the store, and finds the great clothing. Cafe Society has fancy retro clothes, like tuxedos for $50, a black chiffon ruffle skirt for $28, and men’s brown and white wing-tip shoes for $40. There are lots of hats, fedoras for men and veiled Victorians for women. All sorts of handbags and costume jewelry, too.

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Determined I shouldn not miss out on a large school sports trip to Australia, ever-resourceful Mum insisted we sell raffle tickets and do all sorts of fundraising around town. We also applied for a small grant from the school. I was so embarrassed at the time I thought it made us look poor and needy but it was the only way I could go and, of course, she was right. However, with my new responsibilities, my sports and other activities began to fall by the wayside, replaced with work commitments. I was working in a dairy back in Manaia (just a fifteenminute drive from Hawera), at the post office and delivering circulars, and going to school in between. Occasionally, I would even go to work instead of going to school to make more money to help run the household, and I know Mum would have hated that. Most of the time I didn not mind the fact that my weekly wages went into the family budget, but there were definitely moments when I would pine for something fun and I would get upset at the situation I was in. I had to grow up so fast I was constantly thinking about work, what Mum is schedule was, where I needed to be when, who was picking up the kids Looking back now, I was becoming a ‘rushing woman’ at the age of fourteen! During this period there was also a past event resurfacing and manifesting in different ways, and affecting my behaviour. But I didn not want to add to what was already a really difficult and stressful time for the family. So away it went, deep down locked away and ignored.

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