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With another make-it-or-break-it monday and today I want to review these sally hansen I heart nails studs kit now I use this yesterday in my first and possibly only nail art post ever I just really liked the design that I think about with and decided to make a post on it and hopefully I am really hoping it’s like a week until I published that post and I am really hoping that you guys are gonna love it I’ll actually quite nervous about it hopefully it went over really well um but I thought this was a really good option for people like me that like I’ll not really that into nail art like I appreciate it I think people that are good at it are amazing but it’s not something that.

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I’ll going to invest a whole lot of my life into. So I thought perhaps maybe studs could be a good option because basically all you have to do is stick them on wet nail polish and make a design with them and that’s it Nev I like a cool little look to your nails. So I thought it could work. So within this kit you have three sets of studs um it’s actually only one stud in here and have little gold circular studs and then they have white rhinestones and black rhinestones they also have a nail art pickup tool. So This basically supposed to help you pick up the little stud. So you can put them on to your nail to things that are distinctly lacking in this set are instructions anywhere whatsoever it says about three or four different times in the box what this kit contains that it contains three different kinds of studs in a nail art pickup tool and not to get it around children and that is it. So let’s talk about application now the application is really simple basically you’re just going to let your stud of choice out of the little vial and just kind of like you know shake a couple out you don’t need a whole lot unless you’re doing like a really elaborate thing and you can put it on it’s like a piece of paper or something and that way whenever you’re done you can kind of fold the piece of paper and use it to slide the studs back into the vial. So that you can reuse the ones that you didn’t use and that way you kind of preserve these as long as you can to actually get them onto your nail if you use the little pick up tool and you basically tap it on top of your little stunt of choice and then you pick it up and you kind of hover it over wherever you want to on your nail once you have it lined up where you want it you just push it down push it into the nail-polish and you’re good and when I do this I always teach you coats of my color nail polish. So I do this right after I apply my second coat but it’s still very wet and.

I do it one nail at a time. So I apply the second coat and then stick a stud on it and how everybody says I’ll gonna do and then apply a second coat and then stick my studs on it and then just keep doing that until I’ve got that all done and then once that is dry enough to apply your top coat you’re going to apply your top coat and that will help these to hold out your nails as long as possible they do have a little bar code that you can scan to see more nail looks. So that’s cool that they have that for inspiration but they don’t have any kind of claims as to what This supposed to do or how it’s supposed to work or anything like that. So you guys know I normally like to compare how a product works versus what the company says it does the company is not saying anything other than that these studs exist in the box which is true. So I guess I’ll just kind of left to my own devices and reviewing this product cuz I don’t really have anything to compare it to. So I guess I’ll just go straight into my thoughts and my first Pro is that I really like the gold in the black rhinestones I think that they’re great or the gold studs and the black rhinestones I think they’re really great really versatile you can do a lot of stuff with them I’ll really especially excited about the gold says I don’t know if you can see it on camera but I have them on the base of each nail right now and it literally took me like two more minutes to do that and my manicure looks a lot more special because of that and I at least really like it. So that’s fun I’ll not a big fan of the white rhinestones I would have liked to see those replace with something else um that was actually a stud maybe because This supposed to be the studs kit. So I would like to see more studs involved in this could.

I say studs more in that sentence and maybe something like in the bronze category or maybe just a different shape other than circular would have been nice but overall I think when you’re appealing to a mass of people they did a good job of putting together things that could appeal to a wide range of people the next thing that I like is that they’re fairly low profile I have bought those little like nail art rhinestones in the past that kind of stick up off of your nail like awkwardly far. So that you catch it on everything and I can’t deal with that but what I like about these is that they don’t cause that they’re really not all that awkwardly a high off of your nail they have a fairly low profile. So that they’re not going to come off too easily my final Pro is. So they really are easy to use you can just pick it up and drop it down on your nail and you’re done and I think that’s great and you can even like have a little bit of wiggle room like if you put it on the front of your nail and you need it on the back of your nail clearly you can’t slide it all the way back there because you’ll make a huge line through your nail polish but if you get it just a little bit off you could use the other end of the pickup tool just to kind of like push it around into the place that you want it to be. So even if your hands aren’t that steady and you kind of get it a little bit off whenever you put it on it’s easy you just kind of it cool just move it over just and then you’re good um. So yeah it’s very easy to use and they stay on pretty well now as for the wear time of these I haven’t had them long enough to really test them against like weeks of wear um but I did wear them on my toes and I didn’t even put a topcoat over that hold on still stayed on my toenails for about a week. So they do tend to hold on pretty well throughout the day or throughout the wear time that you have for your nail polish as far as.

I can tell now as for cons first of all we need to talk about this little monster this pickup tool because This supposed to help you pick up rhinestones it does not does not I had this time I was just practicing different manicures and playing around and you know using my little gold studs whatever and I can’t try to pick some up with this and it’s basically made of plastic and I used to bedazzle things especially in high school I’ve been dazzled to everything that I came in contact with. So I know a bit about sticking rhinestones onto things and I was like normally they make these with wax on the end because wax is tacky enough to pick up rhinestones but then when you put it onto a tackier surface like glue or nail polish and you know transfers onto the nail polish. So it’s fine whereas this has made a very smooth plastic and This not picking anything up on its own. So I was really trying to make it work the way that the company said or I guess way I was assuming the company meant it to work because This called a nail art pickup tooled I was just like mashing this thing down onto the gold studs like pick it up and I would like get it picked up and it would come a couple inches off and it would just fall off and I was getting. So annoyed. So what I ended up doing don’t recommend this at all but I had a candle though sitting next to me that had been blown out and the wax was like just a little bit soft like it was mostly cooled by little soft.

I just stuck this straight into it cuz I was like it needs wax and stabbed it in there cuz I mean Thisn’t like minutes of me trying to pick up stuff with plastic it was not happening and I was angry. So I put it in the candle and it worked. So that happened I would recommend if you do end up buying this set and you know once make this actually pick things up you could use lip balm you could use Vaseline especially chapstick as chopstick has wax in it. So that will be totally fine um those kind of things will make it just sticky enough to pick this stuff up. So that you don’t have to sit this into a candle because that really is truly a terrible idea tone to it the other big mess here is that there aren’t any instructions and I don’t necessarily need the instructions because it’s fairly self-explanatory but I don’t think that that’s really true for everybody in the entire world and when you are trying to market to a wide variety of people and This kind of like the first time this has been widely available in drugstores you need to inform your customers because the more inform they are the more they’re able to actually use your product and utilize it and be excited by it you can still get studs onto your nails and wear them without the instructions and without nail inspiration I just think that it would have gone a lot farther towards making this product perform better as far as sales and engagement goes if they had had the instructions and maybe a little bit of inspiration within the box instead of just like oh here’s the thing you can scan for a nail art um just would have been a good idea I think if they could’ve fixed both of those things this would have been just like out of the park. So to finish off I do think This a makeup product for me because I really enjoy the studs I enjoy a very easy way to dress up my everyday manicure I think that’s lovely and a lot of fun but I would definitely say that if you want the instructions or you want a pickup tool that works without any kind of I don’t know help then this will probably be something that you want to stay away from but as long as you’re just interest and the studs and you’re okay with me like working with the pickup tool to make it work and you should totally check this out they are supposed to be basically wherever Sally Hansen products are sold and in my area there are only about six dollars. So hopefully this review helps you to decide whether This something you’re interested in or not and that’s it I will see you guys Wednesday with a next post well right.

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