Same-Side Dutch Braid Medium Hairstyles

Hey everyone, I’m Abby from Cute Girl Hairstyles. And this morning we’re going to film what I’m calling same side Dutch braid, which is an outside, you know, the outie French braid. So really fun, really cute. I have started by just slightly wetting her hair down. And we’re going to take just kind of a triangular piece right here by her forehead, crown. And we’re going to start just a typical outie French braid, otherwise known as the Dutch braid. Now we’ve already done posts on all of the French braiding, so if you’re learning how to French braid refer to some of the other posts. OK, we’re going to just pick up hair as we go in and the only trick to this hairdo is I’m going to try to stay as close to her hairline right in here by her ear as possible. So I saw this on a girl when I was at Walmart the other day and it looked super cute. She was a little older, maybe. And she had done it a little bit looser which I have a hard time with for some reason.

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I always have a tendency to pull their braids really tight. So I’m going to show you a trick to make it look lose even if you are going to pull it tight. As you can see I am pulling tip your head for sec, babe all the way, I’m pulling hair all the way from the other side. I want all of her head of hair in on this side. So I’m just kind of smoothing in as I go. That piece, right there, the one I just did is the hardest piece probably of the whole thing because you’re literally pulling hair from the opposite side of the head and over. Oh, we’ll have to undo that one. Me no likey. OK, now I’ll fix that later. OK, keep going. You can see why I wet hers down a little, she’s got fly aways. Like I said, you can do this I’m doing kind of the tight version. Maybe it’s because I have younger kids and they, you know, their hair tends to fall out if I don’t. But you can also do a really loose version of this too if you’re a little older or an adult and it would look really fun and cute.

OK. Once I’ve got all the hair picked up I’m just going to continue, finish off that braid all the way down. Sorry, honey. And secure it with a rubber band. OK. So now I’ll show you a trick. If you take it and you just tug on those like the little bumps part of the braid all the way up. It’s kind of the cheater way to make it look loser. And then add a little hairspray wherever you need it. And you’re done.

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