The following is a program sent to a patient suffering from a chronic heart condition. While this program cannot be followed indiscriminately, since the measures employed in each case must be carefully evaluated, it nevertheless serves as an illustration of what must be the basic approach in such cases.

1. Eat sparingly. Small meals do not overtax the digestion and save the heart from overwork.

2. Eat simple meals. Avoid fancy desserts and sauces, all rich foods, and do not use too many dishes at any one meal.

Omit completely all fat foods, all spices and condiments, all sweets, all white flour and white sugar products, coffee and tea. Eliminate fried foods and dont use chilled foods.

3. Do not take liquids or liquid foods with your meals.

4. Make sure to take a complete rest after each meal.

5. See that you get plenty of rest and sleep. A nap after the noon meal is of great help.

6. Relax completely. Avoid tension and emotional upsets.

7. Bowels must be kept functioning regularly. If necessary, small enemas should be used.

8. Warm baths before retiring induce relaxation and in most cases help bring on restful sleep. (Where for any reason the full bath cannot be used, the hot mustard foot bath, if permissible in the case, can be of greaVhelp.)

9. Do everything slowly and be of good cheer. Eat slowly, talk slowly, and do everything slowly. Never do anything to excess.

10. Always keep your feet warm and your head emotionally cool.

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