Sandra Bullock Red Carpet Looks

Celebrity Hairstylist Sandra Bullock

Trends recommended: In cuts, I recommend keeping classic styles, with not too much layering. Also, if you have short hair, try colouring it. This will give any outfit an edgy look. When colouring your hair, try to stay away from jarring colours like platinum blonde.

Zeroing on the look for a bride: I try to understand what the bride wants. Then I break the look down to understand if it would require any colour, is the length right, will extensions be required, accessories, and other things. Apart from that understanding the outfit, venue, and above all, the comfort of that is very important.

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My personal touch: I like to keep the looks simple, and natural. I prefer effortless looks. Sandra Bullock

Favourite products: I love products that feel light on the hair, especially hairsprays and waxes.

Do’s and don’ts in pre bridal hair care regimen: If you are colouring your hair, do it 15 to 20 days beforehand; do not leave anything for the last minute; also, the hair looks natural when the colour has been in it for a while.

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