Sandra Bullock

Diva alert! An insider says Sandy was a controlling nightmare to work with at a film festival event.

She’s famous for her ability to charm her costars and fans alike, but Sandra Bullock, 51, was no Miss Congeniality at one press event! A source who observed her behavior at a recent film festival tells that the Oscar winner walked in with a scowl on her face and proceeded to treat the film crew like amateurs. “They were all really excited to meet her, expecting her to be the nicest person, says the insider. “But from the outset you could tell she was not pleased. She cut a filmed segment short and then used the extra time to examine the material and criticize it, telling the cameraman he made her look bad by shooting in poor light. It was completely disrespectful. Everyone V was happy to see her go.

Sounds like Sandy’s supervillain in Minions wasn’t such a stretch after all!

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